Silver Dollar City 1st Time! 6/26/07

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We arrived at the park right at opening to avoid the crowds on Tues morn which turned out to be a pretty good idea. The first thing I want to say about this park is how beautiful the scenery was around the Ozarks it really set the mood.

The first ride that we decided to ride was Thunderation. This ride had a 2 train wait for the middle. We decided to ride backwards since we really didn't know what it did. We thought that this was actually a pretty fun ride with alot of laterals in the helix. It was also very smooth for a mine train and was just very unique going backwards. We also liked the woods setting. 8/10

Next we went to the back of the park to ride Electro Spin. This ride was a walk on since no one made they're way back there yet. Overall it was a fun ride especially since I'm a big fan of disk-o's. The only problem with this one was the restraints hurt my stomach quite a bit. 7/10

Now it was time for Grand Esposition Coaster. This was also a walk on which was no surprise. This was a fun little coaster that didn't bang us around too much. However I've ridden several clones of this model so it gets a 4/10.

Next up was the swinging ship. The name escapes me at the moment but it was a fun ship just nothing special. 5/10.

Next we hit up the Screaming Swing. This had about a 15 min wait but it was well worth it. I love the view the speed and the feeling in your stomach when you reach the maximum height. The theming was also fantastic. 10/10

Next we went up to Fire In The Hole. This had a 2 train wait for the back. I've heard alot of negatives about this and Blazing Fury but I can't disagree more. The theming is top notch the ride is fun and the drops catch you by surprise. I also love the water splash at the end. I dont think this is a clone of Blazing Fury but it definatly has similarities. 8/10

Next up was Powder Keg. This had a line that was piling out of the que so we feared the worst. Luckily it was due to them putting on a 2nd train. After this the line took about 40 mins for the back row. Once again the theming was supurb. The ride itself was actually a surprise. The launch was alot more powerful than we expected and it had quite a bit of airtime. Definatly worth the wait. 9/10

The last ride we rode was Wildfire which was a walk on. We enjoyed the theming and setting once again for this ride because of the views it provided. The ride was a typical B&M, not too forceful but smooth. It was our first B&M sit down so we thought the front was the way to go. Its no Medusa but it's still fun. Afterwards we rode it in the back which was a little rougher but still fun. Overall 8/10.

Silver Dollar City is a great park that i recommend to everyone. Overall 9/10.

Glad you enjoyed this beautiful gem of a park, which, along with its sister park Dollywood, has fast become one of my favorites in the country thanks to the beautiful setting, friendly staff, solid and unique selection of rides, and magical nightime Christmas events.

Powder Keg is EASILY top ten steel for me and is my favorite launched coaster, one of the few I've ridden that is MORE about giving a complete ride after the launch than the mere "gimmick" of the launch itself. And like you said, post-launch this ride is all about airtime, which makes it ideal for my taste! I sort of think of PK as a launched mini hyper.

Did you check out Marvel Cave while you were there? It's free with park admission or season pass. It's an awesome cave tour and a great way to cool off in summer or warm up in winter with a constant cave temperature of around 60 degrees.

No unfortunatly we wearn't aware that it was there overwise we would have.
Yes, I'm still very surprised that more rides like PK haven't been built, especially at DW.
I mean, come on, they're clean, efficient, affordable, very family-friendly, and extremely fun. Most people prefer PK to the much larger B&M mega-looper next door.
One of the great things about SDC and DW is that they focus on the total experience. It's not just about rides. Great shows, good food, a great park atmosphere, and friendly staff all make a difference. Compare that to a Six Flags or Cedar Fair Park.

Arthur Bahl

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