Silver Dollar City 12/20-12/23

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Sunday, December 23, 2001 8:20 AM
My girlfriend and I left Minnesota around 5:30pm. We drove during the night because of less traffic and did some good  driving. Once we got to Branson around 2:30am we stayed at the Econo Lodge. $39.00 for 2nights not bad. We got up around 10:30am Saturday morning and headed straight for Silver Dollar City knowing the weather would be crap later in the day which it was it started to rain around 5:00pm. So when we got there we headed straight for Wildfire and rode it as many times as we could before the rain & temperature drops. The line for Wildfire wasnt bad 1train of operation about 20minute wait. I rode Wildfire 20laps before the rain.

Wildfire: This is breathtaking 155foot drop very fast, smooth and intense and even better at night. Front row seats are the best if you want a good view. I love the giant loops and the cobra roll nice. Reguarding the brakes I did about 20laps on Wildfire and when we approached the station I listend to the sounds of brakes everything seemed normal no problems when I was there There was only 1 train of operation. This is one of the nicest coasters made by B&M.

Thunderation: Nice arrow coaster.

Fire In The Hole: This is a nice coaster for indoors exciting high speed drops and thrilling surprises.

Marvel Cave: This was fun if you folks like cave tours you will like this one. You will need a heavy jacket for the tour. They take you down 300feet below the surface when you get to the bottom you will see the cave entrance Catherdal room is one of the largest in the us. The cave is pretty much all limestone. You will be doing a lot of walking climbing 600stairs I was so tired after the tour so much work.

Old Time Christmas: When night came if christmas is in your agend you will enjoy this. Lots of lights and a few parades.

I give Silver Dollar City an (A) for nice service and very clean park. I even got a Wildfire sweat shirt for 50% off. not bad. We left Silver Dollar City after 12a Saturday my girlfriend was sleeping on the way to Mn. When we got to Minnesota driving on I-35WNorth was hell. The roads were icy and slippery traffic was slow only doing about 30mph. I must of saw 12spin outs and 1 roll over accident which I was sitting for an hour stopped. We finaly got going and got home late around 3:00am. When I did get back hey we finaly got SNOW for christmas.  I may go back to Silver Dollar City in the summer when there is better weather and warmer.
Inverted going to take flight for Valleyfair!

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