Silver Dollar City - With a baby

I think that myself, my wife, our 2 friends and their 1 year old are headed to Branson in a month or so. I was wondering if they have parent swap for the rides and if most of the shows will be ok for the kid.


I'm not sure about the parent swap system at SDC, I'm not sure they have one. But most of the shows will be ok for the kid.


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Planning a trip to SDC in late July/early August with the 2 kiddos. Anyone know about parent swap?

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Hold on a sec, Andy.

I know this is a really old thread, but I gotta wonder what the hell kind of lasting affect a show would have on a one year old, anyway? That cracked me up. Hopefully he made it to his 10th birthday,now, without the permanent damage a hillbilly outlaw or a can-can girl can cause to an infant.

Ok, to answer your question, I went to tripadvisor (where Bellagio is still going strong) and a reviewer expressed disappointment that parent swap wasn't offered at the park, however confessed they did it on their own and nobody cared. This review was from 2008 I think.

I looked at the SDC website and there seems to be no mention of it.

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Andy -- I'm at SDC today and they do have a parent swap. Odd that their website wouldn't list it so I'll put the whole thing here as an FYI.

"Ride Swap Program - Guests with children not meeting height requirements may enjoy rides by notifying the greeter at the ride of their situation. One adult will be allowed to ride while the second waits with kid(s). On the following ride cycle, the adults will "swap" places. Due to the nature of high thrill rides, guests will not be permitted to ride consecutively."

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