Sigh has to be the last one of these gone (Kennywood)

Not the kangaroo. Sigh this year needs to end. Others lost too.

Well this sucks. Thanks a lot coronavirus.

Man, that is a bummer.

The Kangaroo is a real gem of a ride. Bayern Kurve as well. I know old stuff has to move out for new stuff, blah blah blah, but a big part of Kennywood's 'charm' is having those old school rides. Without them, it just becomes even more generic. Mix that with their horrid operations and the appeal to go continues to drop.

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Ugh. The Bayern Kurve was spectacular - ran fast, had all the scenic elements (except maybe the different flags on the cars?), and the horn. I'm really bummed to hear this.

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The Kurve, that one in particular, was amazing. I loved that ride. ☹️

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I feel awful about this. I’m going to try to expand on what I said on FB.
Kennywood has a fine history of flats, those types of rides have historically made a traditional amusement park just that. -And notable rides have come and gone over the years. I can think of 15 off the top of my head. And that makes sense- out with the old and in with the new. But one at a time might be a little less painful....
What’s the matter with a park that doesn’t seem to recognize when rides are nearing or actually have achieved one-of-a-kind status? I realize there are pitfalls (no pun intended) with that, (parts, etc), but can it be that 4 rides have lost their viability at the same time?
Kennywood used to be one of my favorite places and I’d plan a trip at least once a summer. I finally went again last summer for the new coaster after I don’t know how many years. It just seems that since Palace has come along the park has gone downhill.
There’s already much discussion around possible replacement and the typical “new coaster” cry is prominent. Someone drew a circle of the area on Google maps and it’s quite a bit. It also covers beautiful gardens, trees, and structures that are important to the park. Maybe a replacement for Turnpike is in the works, maybe a water ride that elevated. Or maybe 4 brand new flats. But my heart sinks when I think of the amount of chain link fence and blacktop this may mean.
Popular thought is that Covid and the park’s closure is to blame. Tearing down rides doesn’t make money. As we’ve witnessed, Pittsburgh people hold tight to their traditions. I can’t imagine what’s going on over there, except they can’t be happy. Perhaps the election day announcement was a diversion tactic, lol.

A final hope is Knoebel’s. They already have a Trooper, and I’ve heard that pieces of a Kurve showed up around there a few weeks ago. Kennywood’s is practically in mint condition and it runs great. The biggest save would be the Flying Coaster and right up their alley. Ski Jump rides still exist in Europe, but Kenny’s ride is the last Bartlett machine in existence when there was once so many.

I’m so mad.

My return to Kennywood in 2018 after more than a decade was a punch to the gut in terms of how I felt the place had become so "meh". I can understand the Enterprise or Paratrooper. But Bayern Kurve and especially Kangaroo? Those rides *are* Kennywood. This plus the Idlewild removals just screams "budget cuts". These are definitely rough times, but Kennywood removing Kangaroo? It honestly is enough to make me worry about the future of the park.

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And in the last several years didn’t they refurb Bayern Kurve and Volcano? It may be a while back but it marked those rides return to the midway.

They refurbed the Kurve a few years ago and actually replaced their Enterprise with one from Lake Compounce a couple years back.

On the bright side, Knoebels currently owns two Kurve models (neither from Kennywood) in the hope to get one working model open in the next few years.

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Agree with what everyone else said.

No matter where you were in that area of the park. When I heard that made me smile.

That and the Kangaroo are two tough losses.

K'nobles....please save us...again.

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You could hear that Kurve horn from the parking lot. I loved it.

BrettV said:

You could hear that Kurve horn from the parking lot. I loved it.

And now it will be silent. :(

The road rage on the PA Turnpike will have to suffice

I know that Knobels likes to protect park history, so I hope they at least attempt to buy Kangaroo.

Their Bayern Kurve was in such great condition. It is such a great ride, and Kennywood's was the full original experience. I remember Kings Island's Bayern Kurve was neglected toward the end and no longer had any of the original backdrop set. It just had painted set under the track on the high curve, painted like hills. No backdrop or lighting.

The park did remove the Bayern Kurve before, and brought it back. That was under previous ownership thought, I believe. Will any of these rides be put in storage is the question? That would be a great way to inexpensively add "new" rides in the future.......

I am also sad for the loss of the Enterprise. The Huss models are the best as far as headroom and comfort. A thrill ride with no restraint is a rare gem. It's sad that parks are now removing them (Cedar Point, Canada's Wonderland) despite the fact that Huss still makes them (and the parts).

PhantomTails said:

On the bright side, Knoebels currently owns two Kurve models (neither from Kennywood) in the hope to get one working model open in the next few years.

That gives some hope.

Was there a reason why Kennywood took the Kurve out from 2004-2009 only to put it back in the same spot?

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It wasn't the same one. First one was end of life, then they bought a "new" one a few years later.


...And I have not seen a Bayern Kurve that offers the full experience anywhere. They've all been modified with that long extension cord that runs to the center of the ride to power the tilt motors. There is supposed to be a bus-bar on the inboard side of the track to power that, so that additional scenery can be set up in the middle of the ride. I particularly remember the tower with the basket on top with the two guys bouncing up and down, set off-center to the right...that's where Anton painted his business card, on the front of that basket.

It's also worth noting that the seat back cushions on the Kennywood ride are wrong. They have a giant square back pad, which means you can't sit back far enough to take advantage of the side pads on the seat. To see how that seat is supposed to be padded, take a ride on the Jet Star at Indiana Beach.

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