Sierra Sidewinder on its way to Knott's


BUENA PARK, CA. - Knott’s Berry Farm will put a new twist on traditional roller coasters in 2007 with the debut of a coaster that not only offers speed, but spin.

The Sierra Sidewinder, which is scheduled to open next spring at the entrance to Camp Snoopy, consists of two trains, each with four cars. Each car carries four riders arranged two across in two rows, seated back to back. These cars will not only take riders through a series of nose-dives, banks, dips and turns at a speed of 37 miles per hour, but while doing so, continually rotates on its axis! Though this thrilling whirlwind lasts only a little over a minute, it covers 1,411 feet of track that includes a drop of 39 feet, making you a human twister!The coaster, designed by Mack GmbH Rides of Germany, is only the second of its type in the world, with the first residing at the Mack-owned theme park Europa in Germany."

The Mack Company is a family business known for its quality products and dates back to 1780 when they first started building carriages and coaches. Today they are an award-winning company known for their innovative attractions and family oriented ride construction," said Knott’s Berry Farm general manager, Marty Keithley. "Sierra Sidewinder will be an exciting addition to Knott’s Berry Farm and will give kids as well as adults a ride like they have never experienced before."

Knott’s Berry Farm, which is owned and operated by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, is a publicly traded partnership headquartered in Sandusky, Ohio. The Partnership is one of the largest regional amusement park operators in the world, with twelve amusement parks and five water parks. Cedar Fair also owns and operates Star Trek: The Experience, an interactive adventure located in Las Vegas, and operates the Bonfante Gardens in Gilroy, California under a management contract.

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^ Did you ever stop to think that, maybe *JUST MAYBE* there may be people out there that did not know any of this information other than yourself? Or that, perhaps, this is the first time the official press release from the park has been posted here?

Hmmm. I don't think you did.

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I just now learned the NAME of the ride (and I surf this stuff alot, LOL)....thanks kRaX! :)
First time I heard the name of the coaster as well.

May I ask who the person was that deleted their post?

Yeah is Good!
^ It was Hamster Boy and he said the following or something to that effect:

"This is old news."

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I wonder if they'll keep some of the rock theming in the area? Hope so.

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^ "Sierra" would seem to suggest the rocks are staying put...but that might just be MY predilection for theming... ;)
Nice to know the name of it.. Thanks for posting that!

Also on a side note, how long until CF ditches Bonfante? I find it amusing that previously they would advertise their properties and end it with "...operates Camp Snoopy at Mall of America under a management contract"... then they finally get rid of that, and just a few months later they have to tack that on at the end again for Bonfante.. word-for-word except the park name. Maybe I'm just in a weird mood that I find it interesting. :)

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Uh, Cedar Fair didn't 'get rid' of Camp Snoopy. MOA got rid of Cedar Fair. Just because CF operates a park under a management contract doesn't mean they dislike the arrangement.


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