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Hey guys,

Recently I have found that after a ride on a coaster, I will feel a little dizzy/have a feeling of nausea. I am not a fan of positive G's, and when I experience a lot at one moment, I can really get that feeling (The batwing on Montu, for one example). Do you guys have any tips? I really don't like to eat greasy food (heard that one), and I've taken dramamine, but almost fell asleep on my gf's shoulder in line for Drop Zone. Any tips?

When was your last physical? Do you wear glases?

A few years ago, i'd gone like 4 yrs without an eye exan. My nausea and dizziness was due to me needing new glasses. Have been fine since.

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You can get bonine or dramamnine at your local drug store [they have "less drowzy versions", but I find that they make me cranky and "drained out" by the end of the day regardless.

I have always heard that a natural way was to eat ginger pills... and they actually had an episode on mythbusters (i know, i know, hardly scientific) on motion sickness and the ginger pills prevented them from getting sick over the others. Im sure you can find them at any sort of health store. while the over-the-counter medication did work, it left them freeling pretty crappy as the day goes on (which i never really thought about WHY, but i guess it has been the pills). They tested out other natural things (i forget exactly what at the moment) but none of them helped any.

Next summer i'm gonna try out the ginger and see if that helps any...

hope that helps :P
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^ An empty stomach is not a wise move either. Be persistant in drinking lots of fluids and small meals. Alot of people out there will eat breakfest, lunch and dinner and consume large amount's of food untill there stuffed. Small but frequent eating with lots of fluids should do the trick.
My girlfriends kid, who could eat a bowl of termites and ask for seconds, had a Egg Mc Muffin right before riding CLP's flyingscooters and he got dizzy and hurled.

maybe it was the half gallon of orange juice he drank too????

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^^^^^ Mythbusters is more scientific than any "funded" reasearch that I've seen....nad UF is supposed to be a research institution...LOL!

Science demands objectivity...and a lack of a "desired outcome"... ;)

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Keeping hydrated is most important in my opinion. I also heard ginger does the trick. I have never had problems with motion sickness so I don't really know.

Now if only I can prevent those migraine-like headaches I get when riding some wooden coasters. :(


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I'll agree with keeping hydrated. Most of my problems either arise when I'm overtired, or I'm rushing through a park, or it's just late and I haven't taken care of myself the way I should have the rest of the day.
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Ever since I was a kid, I remember people saying to drink ginger ale to settle an upset stomach. So there is something to the ginger idea. (Some of those old wives were pretty smart). Stay well hydrated.

Another thing you might do is have your inner ear examined. An infection, scar tissue from an old infection, or any other kind of damage will mess with your equilibrium and lead to dizziness.

One more thing, don't read on coasters! Just kidding, sort of, since I'm one of those people who can't read in a moving vehicle. Seriously, if you start to feel queasy, focus on something that's moving the same speed and direction as you. Someone or something in your train. Look away from your surroundings since that only heightens your sense of motion. That works for me on most S&P rides.

I'm not one to talk about my own problems and health issues, however I can't keep myself from responding to this one.


Do you have a degree in the health field? You are very right.

Summer of 05 I was stung on the top of my head from a yellow jacket. I have never been through so many head problems in my life.

Christmas of 05, I travelled to Halifax Nova Scotia to visit my sister for the holiday. At some point on the air craft, I had damaged my ear from the popping during the flight and had to see a neurologist. The smallest damage to you ears can make for very serious dizzy symptoms. If the equilibrium is disturbed or damaged it can result in queasy, dizzy spells all the time and sucks a great deal of crap.

Yesterday I went to the grocery store with my mom (no laughing) and had to hold on to the apple stand because my balance and dizzy mode kicked in again. It really sucks and can occur at any time. Anyway that's my story about that.

I have a very serious allergic reaction to bee stings and am in possession of an epi pen. I'm not sure if my bee incident triggerd my ear problem, but an examination of the ear is a good idea if your having dizzy spells or nasuea while ridding coasters. Also pay attention to problems with this off of rides and in every day life.

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CoasterDiscern said:


Do you have a degree in the health field? You are very right.

No, but I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express once. :)

Sorry to hear about your health problems, Discern. Hope it doesn't keep you from enjoying coasters. More importantly, hope it doesn't keep you from enjoying a relatively normal life, (or as normal as anyone who posts on here can expect).

The sad thing is RGB, I keep it all bottled up. Maybe I need a neew approach.

I know, Holiday Inn Express. ;)

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I remember people saying to drink ginger ale to settle an upset stomach.

It's the ginger,and it's no myth:

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Only high-quality ginger ale contains any real ginger...just an FYI. :)

I didn't stay at a Holiday inn express, but apparently I apprenticed with an apothecary at one point... ;)

You could also be affected from motion sickness like being on a boat. Could be as simple as that.


Good to see they worked so hard on Alpengiest there in the back ground. - Matt.

thanks for the responses guys-I'll try the ginger. I get a dizzy feeling when I ride, especially when hitting those positive G's, so hopefully I can find them the next time I go.
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Dramamine has done wonders for me. I need to try the ginger approach.

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Acoustic Viscosity said:
Dramamine has done wonders for me. I need to try the ginger approach.

Same with me, to both.

Also I've noticed the times that I've felt sick have mainly only been riding certain rides first thing in the morning. So far, I never have felt that way at night.
Another thing to try would be taking a B Complex supplement before hitting the parks.

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