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Tonight at 10:30(ET) on the science channel. A new show that includes the building of the coasters at cedarpoint.

More info here...

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
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I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

I was at Kennywood yesterday and there was a crew from Fox Sports Pittsburgh there for some reason. They rode the Thunderbolt two trains in front of me, and talked to the kids waiting in front of me. I don't know when it was supposed to air or if it's aired yet because I'm out of their service area. I'm probably in one of the shots, I'm the guy with the unruly hair and the red Dorney shirt.

I wish it were on a more basic channel. My digital box is still broadcasting the Draft. Had to turn it off after top picks were chosen.

But it looks as though it'll be less of a in deep look at coasters, but more of a General idea of how coasters are made.

It also Airs at 1:30 AM and 5:30 AM EST. So if you miss the showing tape it for those times.

Next time it airs is next Thursday July 5th.
Channel: The Science channel

How Do They Do It? (Season 3, Reversion)
Space Shuttle, Rollercoaster, Pool Tables

How do they blast the Shuttle into space? How do they create the world's twistiest rollercoaster ride? How do they turn hard rock into the smoothest pool tables? *** Edited 6/29/2007 2:42:33 AM UTC by BANDandDCI***

-Why is Wicked Twister closed?
~Biting Flies.
-Biting Flies...

That was a waste of time. :(

They spent a large amount of time describing what a roller coaster is and just hyping the general concept of a roller coaster.

I liked when they were showing how they designed Maverick but it should have been longer. *** Edited 6/29/2007 3:17:42 AM UTC by Ajrides***
Yea, I just watched it, and it was like they gave a really good intro to a roller coaster documentary, and then stopped.

However, It does get me excited for my next CP trip on Sunday. Can't Wait.

-Why is Wicked Twister closed?
~Biting Flies.
-Biting Flies...

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I can't believe no one's mentioned the brief display of alternate designs.

They briefly showed designs of what looked to be a large version of Maverick above a parking lot. The first hill was identical to Maverick's, only larger. The second hill looked to be a Dodonpa-esque airtime hill, then the rest consisted of twists, turns, inversions, and airtime hills. It looked incredible.

There was also a brief shot of some Intamin ball coaster designs.

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