Should Cedar Point build an El Toro type coaster?

Many of us complain that Cedar Point, although a great place for steel coasters, comes up short when it comes to wooden coasters. Blue Streak is a nice enough ride but it is relatively small. Mean Streak is considered by many to be too rough.

I wonder, would an Intamin coaster like El Toro be the answer? One possibility for finding a place for it would be to build it in place of Mean Streak.

Arthur Bahl


Next question!

I'm tired of hearing about replacing Mean Streak.
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I'd rather see a powerful GCI simply for the more comfortable restraints and freedom of movement.

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

Id more love to see a Lightning Racer at CP than that. They already have two steelies with simular layouts of the ET design.

Of course they have Gemini too but LR is way different with the hop overs and head to head turns.


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No. Cedar Point should build a wood coaster that, when one rides, it actually feels like a wood coaster.

I second AV's call for a GCI! Heck, how about resurrecting the park's Cyclone twister?

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This is one of those wishlist topics...

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Closed topic.

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