Short WDW recap - 6/8 to 6/11

Yesterday, 4:51 PM

It's horrible right now, don't come.

More specifically the crowds are way excessive (and I've been there on Christmas) and ops can't keep up, especially without fastpass. It no longer feels like it justifies the premium cost.

Rise was sick, though.

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Yesterday, 5:51 PM
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That's not much of a trip report. What exactly made it not ideal? My family was there yesterday, had a great time at Magic Kingdom.

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Yesterday, 5:58 PM

The lines were excessive even for Disney, food was virtually impossible without reservations, no fastpass means I literally got less product than I paid for etc etc etc. (my tickets were purchased prepandemic.)

Sure, if you've never been it's fine, i suppose.

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Yesterday, 6:25 PM

Without Fastpass I haven't seen a long line for anything since queues literally never stop moving because Disney is so good with ride capacity.

Yesterday, 6:39 PM

Really? I saw 60 minutes+ all over the place and was last there yesterday. Have you gone this month?

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Yesterday, 6:53 PM
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Yes, to all four parks. I've been on E-ticket rides that under the Fastpass system I had not been on in a very long time. I've had several laps on Seven Dwarfs, a bunch on Space Mountain, plus Toy Story Mania, Mickey & Minnie's Runway Railway, Frozen, Flight of Passage, etc. (most of those in the last two weeks). Food is not impossible if you're talking about counter service, you just use the app and order.

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Yesterday, 6:58 PM

Are they still limiting crowd capacity?

How about Universal? Im headed there in a few weeks

Yesterday, 8:12 PM

Disney is still requiring reservations, but I'm not sure what their current cap limit is. Universal has never been on a reservation system, but has been increasing their capacity as with other parks.

With the announcement today that WDW will no longer require masks for vaccinated guests (with the exception of on transportation), I'd say at this point the park experience is going to be back to a virtual sense of normalcy, minus the live shows that haven't returned yet.

Did you see 60 minute waits posted or did you actively wait 60 minutes in ride queues? Kilimanjaro Safaris and Space Mountain are two rides that come to mind that have had distanced lines stretched out into makeshift extended queues in the park, but without FP+ and with full ride capacity being restored, I still went from getting in a line that stretched waaaaay past the normal entrance to sitting in the ride in 20-40 minutes.

Yesterday, 9:01 PM
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Cast member at MK told Diana yesterday that they just upped capacity, so more than 35%, but less than 100%. Heading to DHS tomorrow, so curious to see if it's noticable.

I didn't mind the mask mandate indoors, but AK was enforcing it in outdoor queues like Flight of Passage and Everest.

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Yesterday, 10:04 PM
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