Short Trip to SFGADV 7/3/2007

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Ditched work today and used my bring a friend for $20 coupon out of the season pass book.

Arrived at the park around 10:30. Through the gates in 20 minutes and off to Kingda Ka. Which was down. Why was it down the operator said someone lost keys and a cell phone. Arghh people when will you learn.

We then headed over to El Toro. 15 minute wait for the second row. While waiting in line I listen to the girl in front of me talk about Final Destination 3 and tell everyone around her about how this ride is super rough and you'll get a stiff neck and then showed me how I should property sit. I agreed with everything I said. El Toro is just incredible. From start to finish its just smooth as a baby's bottom. That twister section at the end has to be the most amazing feature I've ever been through on a coaster.

Back over to KA. It was running very very good. All 4 trains. 1/2 hour wait. As we go to get on the train the ride goes down. Had to wait anther 1/2 hour for them to bring it back up. Once on it in the second row 0-128 is awesome!!!

Next up was Batman. 2 train wait for the front. Your typical Batman ride. I so want that huge Batman logo over the Q in the station house.As we left the ride I look down to where the coaster is toward the exit ramp and see a guy jump a fence to get a cell phone. GREAT WAY TO GET KILLED!! Luckily no train was coming and he got out of there! STUPID PEOPLE!!

Nitro was our next ride. As we waited in line these girls tried to run around us but we wouldn't let them. So as we wait in the straight away before you make the turn to go up the steps this lady starts telling the 2 girls behind us all these people are waiting for the front row. It was all people waiting to get the station house the front row wasn't event out of the station house. "She like just ask them to move and head up." So the girl is like "are you for the front?" Our reply "no, this is to get into the station house to ride the ride." Girl, "Well the sign says stay left on the stairs for front." I was like "I'm gonna tell you for the last time this is the line to get onto the ride NOT JUST THE FRONT." The lady behind them keeps telling me I'm wrong. It was a dead issue after that cause she just gave me dirty looks until we got to the top of the stairs and saw what the deal was.

Nitro is so fun. Having such a big foot print makes it so fun to leave the park and come back in. Is it me or are the g in the upward helix getting strong and stronger each year!!

After that we headed back over to hit Medusa before my friend had to head off to the airport. I find row 3 the best for the Zero G Roll. 2 minute wait and we on.

Few Things I noticed

1. Nitro got new lap bar shells. (big yellow things)
2.The Kingda Ka banners in the station list the height at 458 not 456.Typo?Anyone else notice?
3. Neither side of the Chiller was running
4. Movie Town Splash ride was working

All in all a good little 5 hour trip. Few good rides some odd people and nice weather. Have a Happy 4th everyone!


I saw that little mention of the guy jumping his fence for his phone. With all the negative news about amusement parks lately, this could have been added to it had a train been coming. Instead of using his head, and asking someone to help retrieve his lost belongings like a normal person, he could have been killed. Is a cell phone really worth a life?

Resident Arrow Dynamics Whore

As for the height of Kingda Ka I believe that they told us at last year's coaster celebration that it actually ended up being 458 feet tall but by the time they finished it and measured it everything had already been made saying it was 456 feet. Maybe they are correcting it now in anticipation of someone else trying to top it.
I did look on the map and they state on there 456. These flags look rather old and beat up too. Oh well. I just though I'd point it out.


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