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So we decided to take another trip to KD this year. This has got to be a record for us--3 times in less than a month, and all before May!

Anyway, it seems that the CF improvements are coming slowly, but we have noticed some good things.

--All the large coasters were running 2 trains, including the woodies.

--Volcano was actually running 3 trains. Not sure when the last time I saw that happen was.

--More KD merch has trickled into some of the shops. It doesn't seem great as far as my tastes go, but maybe some folks will like it.

--Even later in the evening, none of the coasters seemed to have taken off any trains for the day.

--Hypersonic was closed but testing in the evening. Not sure why, but maybe they had some trouble and were just ensuring operation for Sunday.

--The park actually posted the closing time outside the gate (10PM) and stuck to it. It's nice to see a park close at 10PM, especially in April!

--No closed rides were posted outside, and the only one that we encountered to be closed was XLC later in the evening.

--CF's music station doesn't seem to have found its way to International Street, unlike KI.

--The movie stars on the ground that circle the Eiffel Tower seems to have either been turned over or had their "movie stars" removed.

So, if you're not too impressed with CF operations at the Paramount parks, give it some time. It seems that things are coming slowly, but they are coming.

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I was there Sat. as well. I noticed that all of the movie props and posters have been removed from under the Eiffel Tower with the exception of the "Untouchables" antique car. I assume the car is too heavy to move from its base without lifting it with a fork lift or small hydrolic crane. It might be gone before daily operations start.

I also noticed the 2 train operation on most of the wood coasters. The 3rd train for IJST is now on the transfer track. I did not get a chance to ride volcano, so I did not notice the 3 train operation. I think KD is taking the "steady as she goes" route. It seems they have a plan and they are sticking to it at the pace that is best for them.

It was a nice day and a nice crowd in the park. I agree that some of the smokers need to be educated about the designated smoking areas. I saw one person walking through the kids area puffing away when the whole kid's area is non-smoking. But, I did notice the majority of the smokers following the park rules and using the designated smoking areas.

It is a shock for the food prices. that is my only complaint concerning KD so far. I did buy a souviner cup for $8 on my last visit. But, with $1.29 refills for the whole season, I will come out ahead with the purchase of 1 or 2 more refills. Then, instead of paying $3.69/$3.79 for a small/large its $1.29! Yea, it is a bite to carry the cup around all day. It would be nice if the cup came with a strap to hang around your neck or over your shoulder.

Yea, my friend noticed the props being removed from around the tower, as well, and he saw that the car was the only one left. I guess the "de-Paramountization" of the park is coming slowly, but at least it's happening.

Yea, I noticed the IJTC 3rd train on the transfer, as well.

While I'm on that subject, it seems that the last LIM booster (right before the sign and the "water splash") seems to operate at varying degrees. The last visit we had, it was on pretty high; this last time, it seemed to be toned down a bit, but still on. Near the end of last season, it seemed to be on to an even lesser degree. Do the KI and CW versions have this issue as well, and has anyone else noticed this on the KD one?

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