Short TR: IOA on 6/1/03

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I went to IOA last Sunday for a few hours, but figured I'd post a report in case anyone was looking for info.

The park was DEAD! I went to both USF and IOA, and IOA had almost non-existant crowds, where the lines at Universal averaged 40 minutes (which I've never seen before).

First I went to Hulk, and waited 10 minutes for the front row. It was a lot smoother than my last ride, but my head always get banged in the first flatspin. This launch used to be intense for me, mostly due to the fact that you are launched upwards. After riding Dragster, the Hulk launch feels so weak. It actually felt more like the Millennium Force lift.

I headed to Dr. Doom next, which was running great with no line! I got nice air at the top, but the fog effects weren't working. I really liked launching through the fog, but that hasn't happened in a long time.

Next up was a single-ride visit to Spiderman, walk-on of course (the main line was about 20 mins). Same as always, but it seems tamer now than it used to. I thnk they toned down the spinning drain scene again.

I took a spin on Popeye & Bluto's Bilge Rat Barges next because it was HOT outside. That, and I found an express pass book with an unused ticket! The line was only 10 mins, but I still skipped to the front and got soaked. The funniest thing about this ride is that everyone gets so wet during the first runs, that people forget about getting wet after that and just have fun. There's nothing like people no caring that they are going right under a huge waterfall.

I headed to Jurassic Park River Adventure (walk-on) next, and this was hilarious! The dinosaurs in the Ultrasaur lagoon are disguised as palm trees! The whole boat was saying "where are the dinosaurs?" and I couldn't help but laugh. I also don't like th enew restraints on this ride. They push against you very hard while on the lift hills. I also had a problem with the people behind be dragging their 3 year old onto the ride. This kid was screaming and crying after the drop, and they told him to shut up! The dinosaurs are SCARY, and that drop is VERY big. People are so stupid.

My last ride of the day was on the Fire Dragon, back left (the money seat) with a 2 train wait. This was running just as good as the last time I was there, and gave me tingling feet in the immelman/helix element (whatever it's called). I would've ridden the Ice dragon, but the re-entry shortcut wasnt open, so I decided to go home.

Overall the park was great today. I was only upset that I didn't get to ride Ripsaw Falls, but the line was 30 mins, and I hate the moldy smell inside the building while you're waiting. I was going to head back tonight for the Shrek 4-D passholder preview, but I didn't feel like it. I can always wait and see it later this summer.

I-4: The scariest ride in all of Orlando!

People are morons I see them draging kids to R movies all the time. Seen matrix reloaded three times and whiny annoying kids were there three times. Those crowds sound strange. The studio park is usually much more quiet at least when I have been there.

I hope they kill that iron yuppie. Thinks he's so big. The great homer simspon

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