Short Night at Disneyland

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I arrived back at my apartment last night to discover my roommates were headed into Disneyland, and they invited me a long.

I decided since I had nothing better to do, I would join them, and
I was happy about the decision.

There was 9 of us total at any given time, but the group split up on various attractions, and I believe the only attractions we went on with the whole 9 were INDY and PIRATES.

First attractions we headed toward, were those over in Tommorrowland. Since we only had about 2 hours until park close we selected some attractions that would suit one of our friends. It was his first time at Disneyland so we helped make some magic out of his evening.

STAR TOURS: 5 Min. Wait
I love this Motion Sim, and I do not think I can say that enough. The theming is amazing and I love how the ride takes a little bit from the older Star Wars Movies (Episodes IV, V, and VI) and applies them to the attraction. Not a really jerky motion sim, like the one I'm used to riding, and creates a lot of magic for everyone, not to mention while waiting in the que, we had almost everyone in line humming the Star Wars Theme. 10/10

SPACE MOUNTAIN: 30-45 Min. Wait
Well we did not get to see the Parade of Dreams, but we did see the fireworks from line. In this attraction, there is a couple parts where it really trips me out, for example, the part where launch sequence is initiating, everything starts spinning even though it really isn't. I love how there are stars everywhere on this ride and you do feel like you are in space. Great ride for anyone in my own opinion. 10/10

This attraction tends to have great efficiency and it is a constantly moving attraction so the lines tend to stay short. My only complaint today is that sometimes the ride stops in the middle of the course and you could be sitting in the same spot for 5 minutes or so, it happened to me twice yesterday, but my blasting score was high. I don't really know the exact reason why it stops like that, but in a way it does add to the experience. 9/10

Our group grew once we headed toward Adventureland and we had a total of 9 people.

This attraction is great, and I love how at the beginning there are three doors to choose from even though it is automatically selected. We were able to have the whole vehicle to ourselves and I was able to be in the back row. I love the theming of this attraction and the part with the rolling boulder always gets me. I could stay on this ride all day as well. Also if you were anywhere in the que lines you could hear our group singing the theme music of Indiana Jones. 10/10

This attraction freaked me out at first, going out into the bayou and not knowing anything that's going on. Once we dropped down into the themed parts of the attraction I was fine. Being out in the dark on water is a bit disconcerting though, especially if you are on one of the outer sides of the boat. I really enjoyed the theming here and I found it fascinating that the whole ride was underground. 9/10

Overall: Yet another amazing experience at Disney where the magic was being brought all around. Just some minor notations on the attractions, but otherwise no complaints. 95/100

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