Short n' Sweet Carowinds 7-27

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I'm on my 2 week "relaxation" trip before heading to CP. Luckily I convinced my parents to take me to Carowinds and my aunt "agreed" to go. We are staying at her house for 2 days and Carowinds is only 25-30 minutes away.

Unfortunately we can't go to Myrtle Beach Pavilion or Family Kingdom because its out of the way on the drive to Isle of the Palms Resort.

Any hoo we got to the park @ 1:00 (late I know lol) and left @ 5:00 (early I know). But it was fun but too hot out. I'm not used to this Carolina weather. On with da rides!

Rides Ridden:

Top Gun 9/10 (3 rides.

I rode this back in '99 when it first opened. I hadn't been on a beemer since last July :( so it felt awesome to sit it a invert chair again. This ride is a mini Alpengiest. Nearly the same colors, awesome elements too. The onride photo after the first drop is cool. The best part is the zero g roll and the batwing that goes underground with mist. I rode once in the middle and once it the front. The front is amazing! Then immediately after I got off, there was an empty seat and the op let me go on.

Hurler 6/10 (1 ride)

This ride was pretty fast. It squeaked even more than predator but it was, umm, boring. There was surpriseingly no airtime. It was OK but not great.

Drop Zone 8/10 (3 rides)

I was excited to go on my first Intamin Drop tower. I've been on a few S&S's but never an Intamin. The ride brings you up REALLY quickly. The ride stops for exactly 5 seconds at the top. Depending upon the weight of each of the cars, they reach the top at different times. The freefall experience is so awesome. I love drop towers so much. I can't wait to right power tower turbo in a couple of weeks.

Runaway Reptar 7/10 (1 ride)

This ride is aLOT of fun. The line was a little long but it was my bros first invert (sorta...) A little bumpy though.

Goldrush 6/10 (1 ride)

Faster than I remembered it was a fun ride. A little boring but fun.

Ricochet 7.5/10 (1 ride)

This is an awesome ride that really packs a punch. Its a really smooth Wild Mouse too.

Vortex 7.5/10 (1 ride)

Fun ride, not to big so its good being a stand up. Its really smooth and hasn't aged much. Interesting layout too.

We never got to ride Super Saturator, Thunder Road, Taxi Jam, or the Ghoster Coaster.


Very nice atmosphere, and a good collection of coasters.


TOO HOT!!! They need covered queues like CP. They also could a hyper.

Thats all CYA! 2 weeks at the beach instead of having a coaster vacation, will I live? ;) Oh well my "vayK" is coming when we go to CP.

Overall it was fun to get some coasters in without driving to far.


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