Short Geauga Lake Visit - IMPRESSED.

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Wed (6/20)

Finally got motivation to actually go to the place, and although it was tough to get me to go, I was really impressed. It blew me away actually how the park is looking.

First off, people were everywhere. Not packed, but moderate crowds filled the park. Rides ran two trains and sent them out full pretty consistently. Stations became full of people, even Double Loop! Surprised me considering I thought I was see one train op and half empty trains all day...

Bill was walking around the park and saw him a few times assisting guests. Glad to see him walking around and he has always been a man to see throughout the park. He loves what he does!

The rides were running great from what we did ride, Villain and Dominator (haha). Villain was impressive! Butter the first two drops and pretty solid the rest of the ride. Felt like the 2000 days again! Very happy as it doesn't displace your internal organs no longer. For those skeptical of its track work this year, don't be! It shocked me! Its running GREAT. Dominator was nice as well, just a little bit of vibration.

Overall, the park was spotless. Rides looked great and the atmosphere was the best I have seen in that park for years. People happy, having fun, and the day was beautiful. WWK was quite full and was beautiful as always. My only complaint (on the ride side) is that the Thunderhawk orange is faded quite significantly and almost looks yellow. Pretty quick fade...

But for those skeptical to go this year, don't be. The park is in great shape and it is worth the trip! :)

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Nice to hear that about Geauga Lake. Good thing Cedar Fair decided to rip out the excess baggage in the park (Bel Aire Express, X-Flight, Steel Venom) and put the effort into making the park more "low key" rather than a Cedar Point II.
Oh didnt you hear that a pararel universe opened up and we got Geuga Lake's evil twin, or maybe good side. Just kidding. Good to hear some positive news about the park.

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I actually pulled into the drive today, saw the line at the tolls, and turned around! I thought with it being slightly cooler today that it wouldn't be crowded. I was wrong.

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Good report from the park that people love to trash. Glad to finally hear something positive about Geauga Lake, on this board, for once.

I still think that Cedar Fair should go in an entirely different direction with Geauga Lake, and, and build one of Mack's spinning coasters (Huge Euor Mir fan here.), or a Gerstlauer bobsleigh coaster (I have 2 of them in my Top 10.). Go small, let Cedar Point have all the useless "est's" coasters.

If Geauga lake adds anything but waterpark attractions for the next five years, then I wish them good luck not going bankrupt.

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Jeff, you shoud've gone there on Tuesday. There were no lines at all. Of course, the morning rain and huge thunderstorm in the afternoon could've had something to do with it:)

I think we all absolutely loved the park (o.k., no one like The Villain, and I stayed off of it). I know from a picture standpoint, that I was loving all the colors and the lake etc.:) The place felt so much better to me than SFO back in 2000. The removal of some of the rides made for a better experience as well on the midways.

I was seriously worried about the financial status of the park after our trip, as even on rainy days you usually have a lot of people show up at parks. I don't even remember seeing a single camp-group there or bus which I found odd, so I'm glad to hear that the park does get busy.

Hopefully, the next time we'll get to hit the awesome looking Wild Water Kingdom.

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Terrific! Im glad to see many of you noticing the changes other than the obvious removal of problematic rides. The park is a real crowd pleaser. Kinzel was smart to buy it, even though it's had some rough points recently, the park is a wonderful place for fun and sun.
It's really good to hear someone with something positive to say about GL. It's seems like so much of what has been said about the park lately has been negative. We're planning on our semi-usual Labor Day weekend trip for this year, kind've looking forward to it. But we have SFGAm and the Dells to hit first!

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i enjoy the atmposphere of the park. With the wirless mics, the ride ops surely make everyone feel speical.
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The employees seem to really be getting into their jobs this year. I like the new mics.

For all the GL Employees: How's attendance doing this year? (I know, it's still early)

that information cannot be disclosed.
Since when are you the park's spokesperson? All people want to know is if the park has been busy this year. I visited today (Friday) and it was EMPTY despite the perfect weather.

Mutedarkness said:
that information cannot be disclosed.

Yeah, get your head out of your arse :)

Since this person is an employee of the park, his attitude shouldn't be so freakin' rude... However, I think the kids area is getting a pretty decent crowd ;).

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CF typically does not disclose attendance figures to employees that are not fulltime. As a rides sup for the 04 and 05 seasons we werent even allowed to call the front gate to get the daily figure, it had to be someone authorized, usually our secretary. Most seasonal employees can only guess by what they see with their eyes, or the numbers they put thru their turnstyles.

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^And thats all my innocent question was asking... just how things were. I didn't need exact numbers... just something like "busier that last year" or "lighter than last year"
I work at the park in games, and I can help answer your question. Overall, I think the park has been busier this year. There have been some weekdays where the park was pretty busy, and last saturday was really busy too. I think that this year attendance has been up, there's been heavier crowds especially on weekdays, than in the past. They've also been letting people in the park before they open, but keeping them inside the front gate area with the chains, and when they drop them, alot of people will be running to ride the rides.

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