Short CLP TR: Pumpkin Fest 10/14

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Myself and two friends decided to hit up CLP for pumpkin fest this Saturday, and the park had quite a nice crowd!

Walked in, purchased our $8 wristbands and then walked the midway to check out the various merchandise and food vendors/stands. Nice selection, and interesting goods all through the midway. Pan Flutes, Indian Blankets, Honey samples from various parts of the country, maple cotton candy (amazing), and carousel carver people.

First off, we had to ride the bug. Far better then Kennywood's (due to lack of sandpaper seats) and were sliding and falling over on every hump. You can do nothing but laugh on this thing, and wish more parks would adopt a bug. They remade the whip, why not a new, low maintenance bug?

Next was Blue Steak... Rode front and was a nice ride. Nothing special, but it is fun and is great for "newbies". \Not to intense, nor scary, yet still is fun ride great for the park.

Next was the dark ride... Although the props are not too frightening, it is scary on it's own. Something about it...

Now it was time for food, so I picked up a $1.50 Cajun French Fry and was off. Very tasty. Cheap as well.

Walked the midway some more and ended up at the Tilt A whirl. These are amazing rides! GL needs to look into these and place one in the 50's area with a neon-style like Dorney's. Would fit the area well, and bring back a classic favorite. Back to the ride however, I never had such an itense tilt-a-whirl ride in my life. I seriously thought something was going to break! (yet again, the whole "it's at conneaut" fear is in my mind as well;))

We then rode the flyers and had a great time on those. It was very cold outside, and the constant 15-20mph wind on you accented it quite a bit... You have to love the weather in this area!

Then we rode the bug another time, blue streak, and walked the midway for the remainder of the night. I finished the night off with a London Broil Steak Sandwich with potato salad and beans for only $6 I believe. Good value, and the amount of food this little stand gave out was very nice. *thumbs up*

Then we did head out afterwards and drove to a Sheetz on the way home where I got some nice hot cocoa... All in all, a great day.

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Nice TR, Steve.

I'll have to hit their fest next year.
Sliding on the Bug is great and watching people ride it for the first time is even funnier.

Great Lakes Brewery Patron...


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