Shooting at Wet & Wild

I just saw on the news in West Palm Beach that there was a shooting at Wet & Wild. It was breaking news, so they didn't have much information. They did say that Wet & Wild is in lockdown. I haven't found anything news wise online yet.
Here is a link about the story.

Army Rangers lead the way
Here's another link

Sounds like it was a pretty big brawl.

Something else of interest, on their website they were up there visiting the parks. It says on their site that they were one of the first to ride The Simpsons at Universal. I wonder if that is true?!

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I tried to ride Simpsons on Friday, and we were told the ride wouldn't even "soft open" until early next month...

Kinda surprised anything at all was happening at W-n-W today, the weather was pretty dicey. That trip seems a little too "Xtreme" for my tastes...glad the victims will be OK.

It was supposed to have opened already... it keeps getting pushed back.

So when that trip was scheduled, the Simpsons was supposed to have just opened.

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