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I went to pkd like two or three weekends ago wearing DVS shoes. I waited in the "forever line" to get on the volcano. i didnt have anything on me ( that i felt) that was loose when the attendant that collects cameras and stuff walked by. when i was already strapped in, the ride ops did their restraint check and when they checked mine, they told me to remove my shoes (well i gotta say.. they did look loose)because
they may come off during the ride. so i did and the ride attendants put them on that storage table thing. later i had to do the same thing on the dropzone (although they werent sandals). I have never had that hapen twice in the same day. ive been asked like maybe once other times at other parks (but those were just warnings).

Who here has been asked (or reccomended) by a ride op to remove their shoes because they seemed really loose ?

I have never had to take shoes off, but I did see someone drop their heavy vans off the near top of the drop tower at Castles n' Coasters. They fell right into the queue and HARD. Having almost been hit by the shoes, I can see the logic of asking you to remove them when on Drop Zone.
^ I almost got hit by a walet when walking under the Dessert Storm Coaster at Castles n' Coasters. That was last summer.

On Great White in SWSA almost every one would take off their shoes. Mostly because there were a lot of misters along the layout, and it would feal nice and cool with the wind in your feet with the misters.

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Don't you normally have to wear shoes to ride anything? Sounds like breaking one safety rule to enforce another.

I wear flip-flops 90% of the time, and will take them off on a coaster where they might end off coming off anyway, like a suspended one. But, if I'm in a regular train, they stay on.

It depends on where you are. CP will let you ride shoeless, generally, while Knotts considers it blasphemy.
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I have never had a problem. Of course I always wear sneakers or Timberlands. :)


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Shoes and inverted coasters/flatrides are a general pain in the tuckus. I've always thought so. Slows dispatches horribly even in the best-case scenario. Just comparing the Dragons and Montu, I can easily see a 30-50% reduction in throughput. (DD you must ride with them, Montu you can use the shoe cubbies).

Then came SFEG & Halfpipe - and now I'm thinking of going on a rant about it.

Wear shoes, keep them on...thanks! :)

^ Yea, it's kind of annoying. If you're going to an amusement park, please wear footwear that covers the heel.

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I make it a point when going to a park to make sure everyone is wearing shoes. This almost became a problem when we were on vacation in Ocean City, MD and both kids were on the way out the door wearing their sandals. I told my wife we have to get them into their sneakers and she asked me why? I said that many of the rides won't let them on with sandals and they aren't allowed to ride barefoot, and this turned out to be the case.


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I don't see the problem with wearing real shoes in the park, but if you are a hippy, they do make sandles that strap around the ankle, even for men. Get them.
Unless I'm at a park that doesn't allow me to take off my Birks, I'm going to continue wearing them.

With all the other crap that people have to take over to the bins, I hardly think that shoes are the biggest culprit for slowing down the ops.

I think this is a problem of inconsiderate people vs. those of us that realize what we need to do before we're required to do it.

When I'm getting ready to ride an invert or floorless, I make sure that I'm the first in my party through the gates and I move briskly over to the holding area and then briskly return to my seat. I can't really think of any time where a op was waiting for ME to return to my seat because I was removing my sandals.

Those that don't care if they are holding up the group will do so regardless if they are removing shoes, bags/purses, oversized stuffed animals, sunglasses, etc...

If the parks institue a sneaker only policy, I will oblige. Until then I just gotta ask, "Why you hatin'?"

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I love the barefoot feeling of a swing ride or an inversion coaster. The best way for me to do it is to wear waterpark shoes. Fast on - fast off. If they get wet on a water ride...who cares?

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That's precisely why I try to wear sandals when I can. I hate wearing wet socks or shoes all day. That and the feel of the wind rushing between my toes does feel wonderful.

And to those that would suggest that I bring a change of shoes, I only own one pair of shoes that aren't either dress shoes or clunky hiking boots. I've got a couple of pair of sandals though. ;)

I even take off my sandals to dance barefoot on the grass at concerts. Hell yeah I'm a hippy.

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I wear Tevas to just about every park I visit, and occasionally I'll take them off on an invert because I enjoy the feeling. I'll usually sit on them (if the park allows it--some actually force you to if you take them off), but sometimes I'll put them in the bins. However, I agree with Incidentalist's post 100%. I'm never the one who holds up the ride regardless of what I take to the bins...and rarely do I take stuff to the bins, because I hate...HATE carrying stuff around a park. But that's another discussion altogether.

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