Shocks on, Shocks off?

Alright, you know when how you can go into "fly" view where you can like kind of "walk" around your rollercoaster, well, I really liked this feature a lot ,however now whenever I try doing this, it says "shocks on" or "shocks off." Does anyone know how to disable this little "shock" thing? I tried doing the "h" key while playing and it still says to push whatever key to do fly mode, but now it only lets me go backwards and not forwards when i push on the right hand side of my mouse, and when i try the left side of my mouse, it goes right back to "shocks on, shocks off." *** Edited 11/6/2004 6:02:32 PM UTC by Dr. DOOM 1289***

^^^^NEVERMIND I FOUND OUT WHAT I WAS DOING WRONG^^^^ *** Edited 11/6/2004 6:05:44 PM UTC by Dr. DOOM 1289***

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Does this have anything to do with "Wax On" "Wax Off"??

Maybe you mapped your keys wrong, or maybe the mapping for the keys changed.

Your shortcut keys were probably reassigned. Press the 'h' key while in the simulator to view the current shortcut keys; some of them can be changed by clicking on setup then controls.

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