Shivering Timbers, crazy people, and rumors 7/20

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Well I just rode the most amazing coaster I have ever rode but lets not just jump to that already.

I took Jen and her younger cousin and her friend to MIA yesterday. Got there at about 11 and so did the rest of Michigan. Was quite busy but the capacity of this park is very good especially with the included water park.

First thing we got a locker which was pay 10 bucks use the locker all day, return the key when ya leave and get 7 bucks back. Beasts 75 cents everytime you open the locker. Took a walk into the Snoopy boutique. I would say thats where the whole 5 mill they put into MIA this year went ;). Next thing I noticed or didn't notice was the lack of trees. It was 90 degrees out and the lack of tree and the concrete made things pretty bad. But to MIA's defnsde there are small trees everywhere and in a few years they will make plenty of shade.

Jen's cousin and her freind headed off to the Waterpark while Jen and went to the coasters.

First ride Wolverine Wildcat, not the worst Summers and Dinn I have rode but not the best either. 1 train makes for a slow wait but Jen and I got on in about 15 mins. I was dissapointed in the Millenium Force like first come first served seating but the ride was pretty enjoyable, not horribly rough and filled with a lot of air even though we were seated dead center in the train.

Tried to find a restroom after this but there are only a couple in the park. Finally found one at the Pizza Place over by TBolt. A couple more restrooms in the park would be great but they ones they did have were spotless and even had an attendant. Cleaniness of the order of the day as there was no trash anywhere and employees were picking up everything. Gotta love Cedar Fair.

Next up the reason I drove 3 hours. SHIVERING TIMBERS!!!!! First ride, back seat of the blue train, Pure heaven and pure CCI goodness. This thing just carries so much speed and the airtime is unbelievable. The next ride blew me away even more. Front seat of the blue train. The air was the mst amazing ejector air on every hill. The trick track is splendid and the helix is filled with awesome laterals.

Rode ten times in all and figured out a couple of things. Number one the green train seems to be evil and does not track as well as blue in my opinion. Second seat 1-2 is not as good as it's cracked up to be. The front seat seems to have much more air to me. Anyway no matter where you sit the ride is amzing. The ops are awesome, especially John great atmosphere in the station and evidently they moved the autospeil speakers outside of the station and you really don'y hear it at all in the station. John was rocking with his own spiel everytime. Evidently they moved teh speakers after he said he was quitting LOL go figure.

They were talking about the possibility of adding block brakes out on the turnaround and a third train. I don't really think they need it as the wait is not long anyway but I guess it would shorten the wait as the train sits in the station forever waiting for the other train to hit the helix.

Anyway next onto the Mad Mouse which I have to say is alot better then the Mack mouses I have rode. Too bad there arent more of these arrow Gems around. The top half was ran totally brakeless and the trick track is great.

Next up a walk around to the Huge Waterpark. It was packed and the girls we went with said it was awesome. Jen and I don't do waterparks so we took their word for it. It looked great though.

The food at the park was your normal park fair. Pretty good and fairly reasonably priced. 20 oz pop was 2 bucks. 2 slices of pizza, an iced tea, and a pop was under 10 bucks.

Next up the big dipper, Jen sat this out. No line so I hopped on. THIS THING IS VICIOUS!!! and has no padding OWWW anyway the airtime at the end is pretty violent.

Next Zach's Zoomer which is the exact same layout as Beastie and the other Allen Juior woodies. Nice ride but the junior PTC trains are not meant for 2 adults. My knees paid the price but it was fun.

Finally the corkscrew, very cool looking coaster with the nice paint. The operations of this thing were however awful. As if one train wasn't bad enough. The op missed setting the train where it goes about everytime and everyone was confused as to where they were supposed to set. They loaded the train, checked and locked the restraints and then afcter all this the did their little spiel which you couldn't hear and should have been done while loading. They could have dispatched two trains in the time they could have dispatched too. Anyway this ride is painful, very painful LOL.

This is also where the crazy people come into play. While standing in line we see this girl run right through where the corkscrews are and jump back over the fence. the train went through seconds later. I would have hate to have saw if her timing would have been wrong. More crazy people were around ST not going through the ride but in front of the ride. Do people leave their brains at home when they go to parks?

Took some time to play some games after this, of the arcadce ticket variety. Played the 21 game which i have to say is the most addicting thing. They should put these in casinoes.

The rest of the day was spent at Timber's and we left at 6.

Ok now for the juicy stuff. Besides the mentioned 3rd train on Timbers they were talking about the Hyper for next year. They said it was supposed to be by Advevture Falls he looked serious. I didn't take much stock in it but on the lift of Timber's i looked over that way and it seems that there is a long cleared patch just as long as timbers with bulldozers and excavators and such back there. My question is what else would be narrow and long like that. The hyper possiblity is definitely there and time will only tell.

Anway we had a great time and Brent and Jen found their new favorite coaster and I think Jen is well on her way to full blown enthusiasts.

Until Next week when Brent and Dave hit the PA parks and GAdv. C Ya


1989, 9 years old, Bawling my eyes out because I didn't want to ride Magnum. I did anyway and now look at me. YOU CREATED A MONSTER DAVE!!! ;)

Circus, Circus (Casino) has a massive arcade in from what I heard from my cousin told me. My grandma wouldn’t take us there when we were out there but I got to go to all the other coaster sites!

Long narrow land-clearing….hmmmm……Sounds like a Morgan Out-and-Back. (Keeping my fingers crossed for a hyper!)

Take their word on the water park, it is very enjoyable!

No more Auto-speil.......Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“If you give a enthusiast a footer.......He’ll want a coaster!!!"

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hey magnum force!! i think i saw u on timbers saturday!! u were tellin that goofy ride opp that the green train was evil!! i was the fat kid in black and orange shirt with the spider on it, me and my friend jon drove 2 hours from norhtern indian to ride st... it was my first time on st, i got 5 laps in, it is now my favorite coaster!! u were wearing a yello shirt.,... right??
Nice TR!


Yellow legend shirt yes.

1989, 9 years old bawling my eyes out because I didn't want to ride Magnum. I did anyway and look at me now. Why did ya make me do it Dave? ;)

i was right, do u remember seeing me?
Nope I saw a lot of people, I suppose you could have been one of them. ;)

1989, 9 years old, Bawling my eyes out because I didn't want to ride Magnum. I did anyway and now look at me. YOU CREATED A MONSTER DAVE!!! ;)

Yeah Magnumforce, did you see me to??? Oh wait, I wasnt there!!!! ;)

Ric Flair was hitting on the female host, he told her - "Space Mountain may be the oldest ride in the park, but it has the longest line." WOOOOO!

A third train on Timbers? Do they need it? They would have to add another block, and I'd hate to see a brake added anywhere.

I'll lay odds it'll never happen.

Nice TR, though. And I'm right there hoping for that hyper!

Without the chaindog, you'd never get up the lifthill...

Well they have the spot for the block brake on the turnaround. the straight track before the drof off. this would not neccesarily be needed to as a trim brake and could be just a block brake like on GR which I don't think slows things down at all.

As for needing it. I don't think so. They would have to have another 2 or three people on the platform and lengthen the final brake run. The ops were talking seriously to me about it so I don't know. they seemed pretty serious about the hyper too but you know how that is. But I do consider them a little bit more credible then say the dippin dots guy across from timbers.

1989, 9 years old, Bawling my eyes out because I didn't want to ride Magnum. I did anyway and now look at me. YOU CREATED A MONSTER DAVE!!! ;)

Every time I ride and go over that straight section of track in the back of my mind I'm always thinking please don't put breaks hear!

No to breaks/Third train for Timbers, Yes to Hyper!

“If you give a enthusiast a footer.......He’ll want a coaster!!!"

God man your so lucky you got to ride Timbers this year. I havent rode it since last year. I am CRAVING this thing. Nice TR by the way.

The former CPJunkie. CB Club Member. 120 coasters :) THE MLB SUCKS!!

With over a 2 minute load time I have noticed SEVERAL times that the other train does have to wait outside the station block. There are a couple crews that can work well together and get the trains loaded in under 2 minutes but then they are able to get it dispatched before the other hits the helix. I don't think a 3rd train is really worth the money nor the aggrevation of adding another set of blocks or brakes. CCI designed it with 2 trains and that is how this one is supposed to run.
when I went yesterday, they were running two trains. It was keeping the line empty. I don't see how they need a third.
Was the op John Jay? I might believe him (might not, too!).

Without the chaindog, you'd never get up the lifthill...

If the op was John Jay, then it could be true, the man possesses great knowledge of the park and operations.

Magnum........I can't agree with you more about the Wild Mouse coasters, I have said that all parks should own one....they are the little treasures in this biz.

There's nothing like a woodie...

If you went on a Sunday, it was him. He's been the Sunday Op for... 4 years now, I believe.

Yup it was John Jay and he was bar none the best op I have ever met. Heck they moved the auto spiel speakers just for him. He really didn't think they would do three trains the other ops mentioned that. He did however mention the hyper.

1989, 9 years old, Bawling my eyes out because I didn't want to ride Magnum. I did anyway and now look at me. YOU CREATED A MONSTER DAVE!!! ;)

Nope...John Jay is the Saturday op. There won't be a 3rd train anytime no worries. That's the station ops having a little fun. The clearing you saw may have been the road that they have been using to get to the far side of the park. I haven't been out there in a week so I'm not sure if any work has been done on the....ooops, almost let it out. ;) I'll go out this week and confirm or disprove what you saw.

338 laps on ST
My worst day fishing is better than my best day at work....
my worst day coastering is better than my best day fishing.

I went Saturday not Sunday, the op was John Jay read the topic 7/20

As I said John was skeptical of the three trains the other ops were the ones talking about it. One of the other ops said to me "Make sure you come next year" I said "Why is that?" he responded "Hyper by Adventure Falls" Before I had time to ask more my train dispatched but the information was offered without me asking which to me lends more creedance then if I would have asked.

As for the clearing not really a clearing but going the same direction as ST towards the woods across the cleared area with bulldozers, excavators and piles of dirt out there.

1989, 9 years old, Bawling my eyes out because I didn't want to ride Magnum. I did anyway and now look at me. YOU CREATED A MONSTER DAVE!!! ;)

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