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So, wince we've had a few nostalgic posts come up, I thought I'd see if anyone could give me some more info on Shady Lake Park. I went there once in 77 - 78 timeframe, and I remember the Flying Scooters, Chief, and a bunch of Kiddy Rides from Euclid Beach. What else is my mind forgetting that was there, and does anyone remember exactly when the park closed? I'm thinking around 1980, but I'm not certain.
I heard the Rotor from The Beach went there, too.
When Shady Lake closed the train went to Old Indiana. It was the one involved in the fatel derailment that ultimately forced the closure of the park and changed the way that Indiana inspected rides.
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The coaster there was my first. I remember the rotor and the coaster, and how it generally felt a lot like a little county fair.

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Dutchman said:
When Shady Lake closed the train went to Old Indiana. It was the one involved in the fatel derailment that ultimately forced the closure of the park and changed the way that Indiana inspected rides.

Such a shame that the Euclid Beach trained ended its life this way. That is one of the rides I remember riding from Shady Lake Park (which along with Kiddyland on the west side) were my first amusement parks.

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I went twice as a kid (age 8 and 9)... this is what I can tell you.

One thing I never knew was if there was an actual lake in or next to Shady Lake Park. I remember trying to look, but I never saw anything.

A Complete adult ride list:
All rides came from Euclid Beach unless otherwise noted:
- Wild Mouse (purchased for SL)
- Paratrooper (purchased for SL) (not hydrolic raised, stayed tilted)
- 12-tub Eli Wheel
- Scrambler
- Tilt A Whirl
- Flying Scooters
- Crazy Daisy TeaCups
- Bumper Cars
- Rotor (German Manufacturer)
- Turnpike
- Antque Autos (I don't remember riding these)
- Sleepy Hallow Railroad (located in the kiddie land area)

Kiddie Rides: (Again, most if not all from EB)
Herchell Rodeo
Circular 1950's Cars
Fairy Whip
Pony Cart

I can't remember much more about the kiddie rides,
but there may have been a:
Kiddie Turtle
Kiddie Boat Ride
Kiddie Rocket Ships

Euclid had a kiddie merry Go Round, but Im pretty sure it did NOT go to Shady Lake because I remember the only ride with a similar action was the Hershell Rodeo

Shady Lake Park was built by the Humphry Family upon Euclids Closure. Though most of the rides stayed in storage for a few years, SLP opened sometime in the early 70's. SLP was a free-gate park with rides operating on a Ticket-only basis. I don't remember using a wristband, only tickets.

The park was not much more than a bunch of flat rides along a paved street. Upon entering the stone parking lot, you would walk through an arch similar to that of Euclid Beach's. From there, there was only one way to go.. straight.

There were 2 pathways. The longest, walked you past most of the major rides, Cafeteria (on your right) and up a small hill to where kiddieland was. Behind kiddieland, the Sleepy Hallow RR was built here. It was the only major wooded area in the park, and it made the train ride the nicest in the area as they kept the sleepy Hallow Villiage.

The second walkway turned you right about 150 feet or so after entering the park... right past the flying scooters and you passed the said Cafeteria (which now would be on your left), and several of the remaining flat rides and the path ended at the Dodgem.

Other than the kiddieland, I don't think there was a single tree in that park.

The cafeteria had a basic snack bar and the room was big and open with a bunch of picnic tables. I cannot remember if there was an arcade or Fascination or even a gift shop. I think i saw another building there, but it could have been an office or something.

Thats what I know, feel free to ask me questions.

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Digging around on my own (need that Flying Scooter Info!), here's a couple of pictures found of Shady Lake:

Link comes from where there are many more great photos of lost Ohio parks.
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Well that answers Dave's question about the existence of the lake, lol!

EDIT - WOW...what a great site! Those vintage photos are amazing! Thanks for posting.

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^ You mean my question, Moosh? :)

I google-mapped the area where the park was, and It's all condos now... guess that said lake has been filled in. I wish I could have seen it when i went there, looks like a whole section of the park I missed

I stayed at a hotel across from the site back in '99. All that was left by then was the Euclid Beach inspired gate.

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