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Thursday, June 5, 2003 1:17 PM
I ditched school at 10, Wed., with my friend James and then we picked up my other friends Anthony and Rhombus at their homes. We arrived at the park at 11 and found it to be quite busy.

We decided to head back to Raging Bull and had to wait 45 minutes for our ride.

We then went to American Eagle which was only running blue the whole day. We got a quick ride in the front of the train and talked to this guy from St. Louis the whole time. He was really interesting to talk to.

After that we relunctantly took a ride on Iron Wolf. Everyone came off with a headache and decided it was time to eat and take a little break. One chili cheese footlong later we were off to V2.

After waiting about 45 min. including a breakdown we got on the ride. James and Anthony decided it would be cool to act like we were running on the ride like they do in Dumb and Dumber. We did it and everyone came off crying because we found it to be so funny.

We then decided to head to Superman, which was finally running. On the way we saw this awesome guy outside the VR place by Roaring Rapids. He looked exactly liked the Stairway to Heaven guy on the cover of Zeppelin 4. We asked him if he was and he stayed in charecter the whole time.

We got to Superman only to be dissapointed to see the 65 minute wait. Since Anthony hadn't ridden it yet we all decided to wait. The landscaping is slowy getting done and the ride-ops are really starting to do well.

We then wanted to get on Viper. By this time most of the school groups were beginning to leave so the park was emptying out. The station smelled like absolute crap. So, these girls about our age took it upon themselves to spray all the guys with some Bath and Body Works crap. We decided to just let it go.

Everyone was getting hungry so we went to Firehouse Pizza and got Anthony's pass processed.

We then headed back to the Southwest Territory to get another ride on Bull. While on the stairs in the line. We saw the girls from Viper exiting beneath us. We all started shouting and waiving to piss them off. On eof the girls started to make the motion of putting deorderant on and we didn't care we just wouldn't stop waiving until they were cleary out of sight. We had a good laugh doing this and then got on the ride.

After that we decided to give the Demon a spin. Before getting on we heard this man exiting say,"This ride is the s@#$, its got loops and spans." We took our headbanging like men and then went to Batman.

The ride was a virtual walk on, but it broke down while we were getting into the station. We knew it was only going to be a few minutes so we decided to wait it out in the line for the front row. It opened in 5 minutes and we waited another 5 to get our ride. We did the running thing on this one and it was my best ride ever on Batman. It seemed to be running amazingly fast and smooth.

We took another ride on V2 and then went to Whizzer. We got on after ten minutes of waiting and letting numerous people go ahead of us because Anthony picked a really bad line.

At this time the park was virtually empty so we wanted to give Superman another flight. The line looked about 20 minutes long so we hopped in. We went into the front row line and then the ride broke down.
Luckily there was plenty to keep us busy. The group of people next to us had a few from their group farther back in the line. They decided to start playing catch with their fingers. It is really hard to understand how funny it was to watch.

That took about twenty minutes of our time and then we realized the light at the base of the station pointing straight up from the ground to the ceiling. We then decided to get everyone around us to start playing shadow puppets with us. We had about eight people making them at the same time and everyone was watching. That took up 15 min. and then it was our time for the front row. The ride is still intense in the front and gives a different sensation entering the pretzel loop. We exited that and Rhombus and I decided to get a funnel cake sundae while James and Anthony took another ride on Batman.

We met in the front and were all eating a funnle cake sundae when suddenly this totally wasted guy jumps into the pool in front of the carousel. Everyone starts to laugh histarically and James notes that was teh same guy who was showing him the giant monkey he won while playing a game.

Two minutes later we hear another splash and see the guy running full speed in circles in the pool. After 30 seconds of circles he runs out the other side and runs through the exit.

We left the park a few minutes later, still laughing at the idiot.

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