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Well, lets see here. We got to the park about 11:30. Flat tire and all. Long story. We parked on the wildlife side. We went and processed our passes. It took me and my fiance' a whole two minutes. We got our park maps and was on our way. ElDorado, Mind Eraser, Double Loop, and Americana were all down all three days.

We stopped at the Sea Lion community pool. Very neat presentation. Then we was in time for Skip and Dudleys do it yourself show. Not bad. Wasnt very funny though. One of the trainers mic wasnt working. They improvised. Very smart pinipeds...lol

On to Shouka. Let me just say she is absolutely beautiful. Did everything right. Getting along very well with her trainers. That pool is 26 feet deep. Very good show. That ball was about 15 to 20 feet up and she hit it. We got beautiful pictures of her. If our day was over right there it would be well worth it.

Then we saw the Penguin Expedition. The moving walkway isnt working. Okay exhibit. Saw the pearl diving demonstration. She only dived about 6 feet down. 14 bucks for a cup for a pearl. Then getting it set is outrageous. Chelle passed on this. Bought a water. Three bucks. Ouch. Although elsewhere in the park, water is only $2.49 for a 24 ounce. Walked the floating boardwalk. Very beautiful. Got pictures we will post of this so everyone gets a idea of where it is at. Half way across is a sno biz, and dipping dots stand. Thought this was a nice touch.

Walked all the way to X-Flight. Waited in line about 45 minutes to a hour. They need to shade that queue, not just throw up umbrella shades. One train operation. Different. Not that great i thought. Thats my opinion though. Only rode it one time. Not worth the hour wait.

Next up was S:UE. Quickest ride at the park. Only rode it one time also our whole time there. About 15 minute wait for the back. Longer for the front. We rode the back.

Big Dipper-One train Operation- Lots of airtime. Front and back. We both loved it. 25 minute wait for the front. 15 minutes for the back.

Ate at a hotdog stand. My Chelle ate a $4 jumbo dog. Not a bad price. I on the other hand ate a $5 jumbo hot sausage. I got took. It was really good. Only about 4 inches long. Jumbo??? Yeah right.

The Villian- Wow. Perfect. The queue is shaded. Great Theming. Hands down the best theming in the park. My new favorite CCI. Doesnt slow down till the very end. Mad airtime throughout. Every drop looked as big as the last. Rode this a total of 6 times in the three days we were there. Not crazy about the trick track. Hurt my shoulders a little bit. Two train Operation. 25 minute wait for front. Half that for the back.

Deer Park Plunge- Not bad. Log Jammer at Kennywood is way better. Loved how outside you could soak the riders by one of those colored tubes. Spent some mad quarters here. Chelle loved this part...lol

Serial Thriller- One Train Operation. One ride on it. Hated it. Hurt my head something fierce. Then the sudden and abrupt stop. Whats up with that? The operator says see you back here in 90 seconds. So quick so harsh. Still about 20 minute wait. I still have mark on my shoulders from those restraints.

Batman Knight Flight- Fabulous. Loved it. 15 minute wait for the front. Rode it a total of 7 times in the three days. 2 train operation. Fabulous. Loved our on ride photos. Didnt pay the 12 bucks for 2 keychains though. Great initial drop. Cobwebs. The personel could have at least cleaned the cob webs off the shaded part of the queue outside before you get into the building. I can see how the marsh is supposed to be left like that. At least get someone to clean out the garbage inside it. There was cups and bottles and everything else there. Overall best ride at the park. Theming is horrible. Should like fly out of the batcave or something.

Raging Wolf Bobs- One ride was enough. Still feel that one. Everyone says SP at kennywood was rough. Hah! Not half as bad as this. My fiance' and everyone around us said ouch from beginning to end. Never will we ride this one again. One train Operation. Still waited for 25 minutes.

Roadrunner Express- This is a kids ride. Wow. Poor kids. This thing flys around some of those curves. Quick little ride. It even gives a double ride. Very nice. 20 minute wait at least.

Dodge-ems- Bumper Cars. Quickest bumper cars i have ever been on. These are a hidden jewel at six flags. You can really smash into some people hard with these. Chelle loved the whole cow theme to them also. Three rides. would have been more but Chelle was getting upset. I could ride these forever.

That covers all the rides we were on. On to Hurricane Harbor. All Day locker. 6 bucks. Not bad. Very confusing this area. Got lost at least 5 times. Took us forever to get to hurricane bay. Nice wave pool. First and last one i will ever be in. Not my thing. Neptune Falls. Very quick waterslides. Slid down on my back. Thought i was gonna fall off in a couple spots. Next time went down sitting up. Much better. Then went to Hooks Lagoon. Six Flags really has the areas for the kids. Looney Toons Boomtown, Happy Harbor, and Hooks Lagoon. We went through all of them. Very fun. Stingrays speed slides. Went down the almost straight down one. Nice. probably the last time to. About drowned...lol All that water went right up my nose. Calypso Creek. Very nice lazy river. Love the fact you dont need a inner tube to go down it. Very fun time in the water park. Oh yeah, Turtle beach for the little ones is so cute. They really love the kids and infants here dont they?

Then the last day we saw everything we missed.

Batman water thrill spectacular. Interesting. Got some great pictures.

Pirates 4-D- Loved it. Chelle got scared by the bats and bees coming all close...lol The water was a great addition. Then Leslie Nielsen coming out at the end and spraying water. Very funny.

Mission Bermuda Triangle- Waited in line about 10 minutes. This thing is a joke. A waste of money, and my time. I thought the whole thing was tacky. The icing on the cake was when the captain yells. Bingo!!! A Humpback Whale. So very gay. Never again. Although it is themed very very well.

Shark Experience. Okay i guess. Same to be said about the aquarium. The tiger show we missed. Looked fascinating. Never did see the base camp zebra exhibit. It says it is there. There is even a picture of it on the map.

My problems....This is not me complaining. This is just our concerns...The park as a whole was great.. Not bashing at all.

1. Why close down the rides at 8:30? And if you have to...Why close the food and gift stands also? I thought maybe the whole reason on closing the rides down was to get people away from the rides and buying things. Then they close all the shops too. Very ignorant. And stupid.

2. The cussing. The security guards just watching them cuss. This family was cussing at each other and kids just walking by and looking and no one doing nothing about it. I mean the F word and sush. This is a family park. Lets show it.

3. The state of the rides. Already rust showing on some of the Villian. Serial Thrillers paint is just peeling off and fading. Same with Batmans Cobwebs. Take care of the park. Lets make people wanna come back.

4. Chelle says the ladies rooms were horrible. Tampons and toilet paper just laying on the floor.Mens rooms were not as bad. Granted the toilets need fushing all the time, but that is just peoples ignorance. Nothing more. Litter was non existent where yo walk anywhere in the park. Other sides of fences and walkways was another story. Cups, Bottles, and the like everywhere.

5. Why is there only preferred parking on the wild rides side? 10 bucks. Ouch. The wild life sides general is just as good as the prefered in the early morning. And for 2 dollars less.

And finally prices.....Wow. We knew it was gonna be bad but this is ridiculous. 7 bucks with tax for a cheeseburger platter at Lakeside Cafe! 9 bucks for a value meal at Subway!! 5 bucks for taco bell combos wasnt bad. I ate there a lot. 8 bucks for a fajita at Swampwater Jacks. Damn! So high. I thought the ice cream was a great deal. 3.29 for a big waffle cone at main street parlor. Then with our coupons in our booklet for season pass members we got a small regular cone for free. That saved us almost 3 bucks each time. Not bad. Ice Cream was a perfect ending for such long days.

In closing. We love the park as a whole. This was our first trip report so bare with us. Sorry so long. Sorry im not good with paragraphs and sentences either. So please dont critcize us for it. We know. We will be back here for fright fest. And we will be back here for the hyper next year. We never meant to bash the park if thats what you think. We are fans of SFWoA. We just had those concerns is all. A great three days at a great park over all. Cant wait to see Shouka and Shameks baby!! Our next trip report... Kennywood. Cant wait!

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Great TR!

-Sean Newman
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Very long and very thorough. Thanx man!

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I meant Knight Flight for Batman. Not Dark Knight. My bad...lol

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Great TR Glad you had a good time at SFWoA. It's good to read a TR that doesn't blast the park the whole way through. I do agree with some of your concerns. You should have ate at the Mandarin Buffet over by Shouka. It's a little pricey but high quality.

Also, the Sno Biz shaved ice is very good as well.

X Factor

SFWoA: An Unofficial Guide

Chelle doesnt like Japanese or Chinese. It wouldnt have been worth it for her. We would have got in for like 11 bucks with or coupons too. Next time when money isnt a issue we will.

Drive It Like You Stole It!

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I am so glad to here that you had fun there!! I love SFWOA!! Granted some of the rides are a bit rough RWB, Serial Thriller!! But they are fun!! Mind Erasor you didnt miss much lol!! Double Loop I love that ride I hope it willopen sometime this season!!

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