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Saturday, June 9, 2001 8:27 PM
My friends and I headed out to the park today around 2:30 to find the parking lot somewhat full (we parked on the wild life side for a change). Once inside it didn't seem as bad.


X Flight only ran one train today (BOOOO) but still delivers a great ride. Waited 1:40. Though a little later on (right before we rode) they opened the other side for two trains. But the coaster shut down to "technical difficulties" but reopened again with one train operation.

BKF ran THREE trains today!!!!!! And they did very well in getting them out with minimum stacking. This was the second time in two seasons I have seen all the trains used.

Big Dipper ran BOTH trains today and though the ride did stack, it was good to see both trains running as I haven't seen that happen in several YEARS!

All in all (IMO) the park gets better and better. This time last year Six Flags Ohio was beginning to falter. This year is the opposite. It was truly an amazing day.

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