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Monday, August 27, 2001 6:07 PM
This is my first trip report.  I just got back from a crappy day at SWoA today.  I went on a Sunday, and it was a little bit crowded.  It stormed on and off Sunday while I was there.  The first coaster I rode yesterday was BKF, my first floorless coaster.  I thought it kicked major butt.  B&M really knows how to thrill a park's guests.  I didn't get to sit in the very front to get the whole floorless coaster effect, but I loved it.   I also rode Villian, a pretty good airtime packed CCI coaster.  Massive drops and an unexpected surprise trick-track element.  
   Also rode Double Loop (to uncomfortable), Serial Thriller (somewhat rough, but ridable), and RWB (IMHO, worse than SOB).  I didn't get to ride S:UE, X-light, or Big Dipper because of the on and off storms.  The funniest thing was when we were on BKF.  As we started down the first drop, it all of a sudden poured.  Let me tell you I wish I had a re-ride for that because I wasn't able to see where the coaster was going.  I was getting pelted in the face by raindrops at 60 mph.  OUCH!!!  And to top that off we sat in the final brakes in the Ohio tropical storm for about 5 minutes.   Sometime this year or the beginning of next year I'm going to SWoA on a clear, sunny day and get on the coasters Ididn't get to ride. 
Bill Yost a.k.a. THE BEASTmaster

*** This post was edited by THE BEASTmaster on 8/27/2001. ***

*** This post was edited by THE BEASTmaster on 8/27/2001. ***


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