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Monday, August 6, 2001 1:27 PM
Right away I will tell you that this was my best trip to SFWoA so far. A side note before I begin- smaller coasters like Big Dipper, Double Loop and Raging Wolf Bobs have very short to no waits on Sundays. I found on these rides that because of it being the weekend that they run the smaller coasters with 2 trains witch makes all the smaller coasters walk-ons much of time. Also I got yelled at by a Dippin Dots lady for ordering chocolate. They didn't have any so she went off in my face yelling about how they don't have chocolate- it was funny.
We arrived a little before 10 and met up with our group witch consisted of 6 people including me. Two of them were a little on the afraid side so much of the time it was just us four riding the big stuff. Also none of them were fans of the spinning rides that I love so much, so I rode many of those by my self.
When they dropped the rope we walked to X-Flight first and we very quickly noticed that they had covered the queue line- a very smart move. We got on about the 7th train out in the very back. This ride was amazing as always. The loop pulls great g’s and the heartline twist is great.
Next we went to Superman: UE. This ride is one of my favorites, the launch is great and the hold on the straight spike is freaky but oh so much fun! A great coaster all the way but the ride ops could walk a bit faster checks of the restraints.
One person in our group wanted to go Mind Eraser so I complied along with the rest of the group. My first and last time on a Vekoma Boomerang. Now I know why people complain about this ride, the drop is boring and the boomerang part is very painful. Plus this thing jerks around way too much when connecting to the second lift. It was interesting none the less.
My friend had forgot his hat on Superman and while he got it back the others went on Musik Express which I refuse to ride after two very painful rides on it. Food time. We ate at the place below the monorail. It was an ok lunch.
Big Dipper is right there so that was next. Not very intense at all but still a very exciting ride. This ride has awesome airtime for such a small coaster and with the lapbar up so high you fly up and hit the bar at the top of every hill. It is definitely a classic. Do not pass this one by.
We walked for a while and decided against Serial Thriller due to a long line. Double Loop is a sentimental favorite of mine so we had to hit it. Although very short this ride is really good. Very smooth and no head-banging. With 2 trains there was no wait. One group member wanted to go again so I went and this time we were in the very back. This was the first time this has happened to me on a coaster, going into the second loop I blacked out for a second, my friend did too. It was very hot and the back pulls good g’s through the loop so that I’m sure was the reason. It was great none the less.
Silver Bullet made me extremely dizzy but it was fun. Next we walked down to Raging Wolf Bobs. No wait so we hit it twice. I love the back because this thing feels like it is gonna rip itself off the track. The first half is out of control but after the turn-around it seems to slow a bit. This one is extremely rough but that is why it is so much fun. Don’t miss this one.
The line was shorter this time for Serial Thriller so we got on. My friend and I being back fans sat in the very back. Dumbest mistake of my life. Ouch, Ouch and more ouch. My on-ride photo showed me in pain, it was very funny. It is fun but it bangs your head a lot. It was so hot that we jumped on Shipwreck Falls, which was very fun and soaking. The best part was that I had completely dried off before our next ride, which was Mr. Hydes Nasty fall. We rode it twice and the second time my friend dropped a penny but just a little to late and it shot straight up, it was cool though. My only complaint about this ride is that it jerks way too much when changing directions like starting up the lift.
The Villain was awesome. I love the feel and look of these trains. The themeing was good too. This thing does not let up at all till the very end. An extremely fast out-of-control ride all the way. Plus the line wasn’t to long either.
Now it’s time for what was my absolute favorite ride- Batman Knight Flight. Three-train operation made the wait short. I love the floorless effect. The loop is awesome and the overbanked turns are great. Best of all this has turned me into a B&M fan. This ride was the smoothest of anything I’ve been on, and even the corkscrews had little to no headbanging.
Other rides we went on included Time Warp, which I thought was cool. Texas Twister I did not like very much because when hanging upside down it hurts a lot. As the night came we re-rode some rides and then left. An all out great day at SFWoA. My only complaint about the park overall was the terribly slow food service. The chefs were to busy talking to the other workers to hurry up with the food to the already very long lines waiting. Other then food the park was clean and the workers were overall nice. To wrap it up it was the best time I have ever had at a park, if you are the area you have to hit SFWoA.
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