SFWOA-May 4, 2003

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So it all started at 1:30 this morning, when my friends talk me into going to Six Flags Worlds of Adventure. This was my first trip to the park, since I live much much closer to Sandusky than I do to Aurora. I used my Wendy's discount coupon and got in for $25 (If any of you don't know about this, you can get $15 off a regular admission any day from now until June 8-definitely a good deal!! Anyway, so the first ride we hit in the park was X-Flight. I must say that I had never experienced anything like that before. It was a very good ride, definitely worth the 20 minute wait for it. Now here comes the best part: The 20 minute wait on X-Flight was the LONGEST of the day. Everything else was a walk-on, with a short wait for the front. All told, I think I rode 16 coasters, and went upside down 38 times. I may have miscounted those, I'm not sure. After X-Flight, we rode The Mind Eraser, and that was definitely an interesting ride. It seemed really rough, but it was the first ride of the day that gave me that feeling in my stomach. Now keep in mind, these are my first coasters since last July, so I was a little out of it. We then went towards the back of the park, and got 3 consecutive rides on Serial Thriller (and we didn't move for part of them...rerides are awesome!!! I'm definitely not used to that at Cedar Point. Serial Thriller was an OK ride, but nothing spectacular. It was definitely not Raptor smooth, but it was a decent ride.

After Serial Thriller, we went to what I think is the best ride in the park: Batman Knight Flight. There is just nothing like the smoothness of a B&M to brighten your day. I thought that the veritcal loop was absolutely amazing on the ride, and some of the turns were really tight! I rode this 3 times during the day, once in the front, once in the back, and once in the middle. The back is the way to go with this one.

Onto the Villain. I was not impressed with this ride. I thought that maybe, just maybe, the ride would not be so rough like the Mean Streak is, but it was pretty close to being just as rough. It didn't help that my back hurt from sleeping on it weird the night before. Also, there was a little tiny little incline right at the end of the ride (before you enter the station that caused some serious pain to my legs and uh...other parts.

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Back to my story. After the Villain, we hit the Double Loop. I was actually very impressed with this ride. It was very good for what it was. It did not hurt my shoulders like I thought it would and, it was pretty smooth too! Definitely a great beginner coaster.

After a quick bite to eat, we went back and hit some of the rides we had already done again, and concluded our day with our 1st and 2nd rides on the Big Dipper. This one really surprised me! So much air!! I felt like my butt was never in the seat. Also, the padded seats made for a comfortable ride on a wooden coaster-Definitely a good idea.

So-my park grades for the day

X-Flight-A-, only because its a tad bit rough.

Serial Thriller-B+, a very rough ride but an awesome layout with the leg-choppers

Batman Knight Flight-A+ The best ride in the park

Double Loop-A, for nostalgia :o)

Villain-B-too rough for my liking

Big Dipper-A, a great ride on a classic coaster.

Overall Park-B. I know that it is only opening weekend, but the park was desperately understaffed. I would bet that there was not this kind of understaffing on rides at Cedar Point today. Also, I was not impressed with the ride operators reading from sheets what they were supposed to say. The woman on the bumper cars read it so fast that I had no idea what she said. All I could make out was a "Thank you for riding" at the end. Also, some of you may be wondering why there was no report for Superman and Raging Wolf Bob's in my TR. This is because Superman was NOT open and Raging Wolf Bob's had trains on the track, but when we were back there, it was closed. It did not impress me that the park was unable to open rides for the 2nd day of the year. Perhaps this is because of understaffing, but again, this wouldn't happen at some other parks. This park has an abundance of potential. However, the park will not reach its maximum potential until all trains can be running on all rides. Even though there were little waits today, if this is how the park gets run in July, I would hate to see the waits for the bigger rides, especially X-Flight. The time that the train spent in the station between rides was very long. Part of this probably is the harness system (sort of confusing), but the workers could do better than what they were doing. Anyway, that's my report on SFWOA-My first (and hopefully not last) trip to a Six Flags park! Any roller coaster is a good roller coaster (well, for the most part) :o)

Jeff Young
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