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I am not a huge fan of Six Flags in general, especially this one. I thought last year I would score the park about a 3 in a scale of 1 to 10. This year that has gone up… to 3.5. They have some really good rides, but don’t have the operations, staff, and overall park that is needed to bring this place to the level of a Cedar Point, Kennywood, or Holiday World.

My sister and I had our first trip this year. I was pleasantly surprised with how fast the season pass process went, the line looked long but they moved us through pretty good. Yes, there was a few minutes extra for the metal detectors but let’s remember people, you are in the park for almost a dozen hours, 5 or 10 extra minutes won’t kill you.

Disappointed that X-Flight was down in the morning but I rode on SUE. Good ride and no line for the back is a nice combo. I can’t wait til I go to one of the other Ohio parks and ride that with a twist on the back end also. We took the boat over to the wildlife side and noticed ONE train operation on BKF. That is asinine. Knight Flight is a B&M built for 3 trains. I can live with 2, but not 1.

We viewed Shouka at the old Shamu Stadium. The show only lasted 10 minutes with Shouka pulling out about 3 or 4 tricks. I realize my next comment will not be taken well by some including our beloved webmaster but people in NE Ohio are amazed by anything. They lowered a red ball about 2 or 3 feet above the water level. I mentioned to my sister that I could probably jump out of the water and hit the ball myself. An older gentleman with an Indians hat turned and shook his head at me. When Shouk did hit the ball with her nose the people went into a frenzy almost like when the Browns score a point. Continued our adventure on the wildlife side with the Batman Water show and Pirates 4-D. Good shows and should not be missed by first timers. I was disappointed that I couldn’t touch the dolphins in their new-old home, Dolphin Cove. If Sea World would let you touch them, why can’t Six Flags do that?Walked casually over to Raging Wolf Bobs and its deserted station. It was deserted because no one should ride it. Six Flags can not take care of a wooden coaster and the 3 here prove that fact. We hopped on BKF for a couple flights. There was no line now that they added a 2nd train. Waited 25 minutes for the Villan. Combination of Six Flags piss-poor effort on wooden coaster upkeep and those Gerstauler trains make this a ride one that I can live without.(Note to self: After college be a chiropractor near Aurora, Ohio)We strolled over to the new season pass holders hangout, the Beachcomber Grill. Since I am under 21, I had a shortened menu to pick from. Italian sandwiches, Nachos, Chips, Pretzels, and Cookies at “reduced” prices. Had a sandwich and chips, it was decent but nothing to write home about. We then took a walk over to X-Flight and were met by a nice employee at the entrance. I was told that I could not have any loose articles on me for the ride. All I had was my wallet and car keys(I kind of needed those). I was told I have to put all my stuff in one of the 48 lockers, and pay 50 cents none the less. I won’t moan about the 50 cents but this is like paying to ride it. The line was about an hour and we turned it down but I thought of something later on. If everyone in the line has to take all their loose articles out, then 48 lockers will not be enough. All of the adults in line should have a wallet and keys to a car or house on them. The rest of the day was spent riding the best two rides without lines, SUE and BKF. I took a quick look in the two main gift stores in the front and noticed about 3 new items with Six Flags Worlds of Adventure on it. Oh yeah, they have a ton of crap with Six Flags on it but none with the park’s name.

Just some other thoughts on the day: There was 2 toll booths open in the morning. I assume there was a staff shortage but still they should have 3 or 4 open from 9-11. Every college is out and most high schools in the area are out, how can they not have enough staff to fill the park. Many stores, games, and probably rides were not open because of staffing. They are moving the floating boardwalk over to the other side of the lake, which I see as a good move. I also don’t understand why the park doesn’t have change machines to get quarters anywhere. There are crushed pennies and fish food canisters all around the park that each need 2 quarters, there were times when I would have gotten some fish food or picked up a crushed penny but couldn’t because I couldn’t find any stores open to give quarters or I took all the quarters I could from the one lady. There are very simple things this park could do to be much better, with the right guidance then I think it can be done. But as far as I look at it, give me Cedar Point, Kings’ Island, Holiday World, Kennywood, Hershey, Dorney, or Busch Gardens in a second over any park with a half of a dozen things hanging outside.

You need a better mind set going into the park. The rides there are great, the Villian being one of Six Flags' best wooden, and if you want to ride a flying coaster (an awsome one at that) you will have to empty your pockets. Six Flags didn't force you to do it. I don't like to hear reviews like this when you didn't even ride all the rides.

I believe in opinions but I don't like yours.

~I rode my first coaster June 2001 and since then I have ridden 43 different coasters!

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Do they make you empty your pockets if they are button down or snap pockets that can't open during a ride? I wear cargo pants specifically to keep my ID, car keys and money secured when I go to parks.

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I agree with CoasterCrazyOne.

Why not go to the park to have fun and not worry about last year?

Shouka is still training. I saw her show yesterday 6/19 and she did many tricks. That red ball was about 15-20feet above the water, i didnt think she could hit it, but she did. She was twirling underwater, jumping high, posing on that platform with flippers in air and all. She is still training, they said they hope to have a show ready in a couple weeks, so give her some credit. Shes improving olot.

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CoasterCrazyOne said:

if you want to ride a flying coaster (an awsome one at that) you will have to empty your pockets. Six Flags didn't force you to do it.

I don't understand, if you want to ride X-Flight, then the park does force you to empty your pockets. I really don't like bashing any park but when I see the same, easily correctable problems time after time at this place, I do come into the park expecting to have these problems again.

CP Lady-I did have cargo shorts on with 2 velcroved(sp?) pieces to hold it closed, I didn't have any problem with stuff falling out on the other rides.

I can't beleive they made you empty your pockets eventhough you had cargo shorts on with closeable pockets. That doesn't seem right at all. Either they are overreacting to an incident that may have occured recently or they had a complete moron working at that point. I would have paid a visit to guest relations on that one!

My friends were forced to put their purses in a 75-cent locker when they rode Millennium Force; it's not just a Six Flags thing.


Of course, a purse isn't the same thing as a wallet. And the fact that you had cargo pockets that closed securely changes things a bit. Still, it is up to management, and it is something you must do apparently to ride the ride. You can't really argue with it, even though it is frustrating. I can definitely see the logic behind the rule, however.

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I was just there a few days ago and they let me and my friends bring stuff into the station (on X-Flight) with us like stuffed animals and bags. Strange how one day they are so crazy about rules and on other days they aren't. I also thought it was refreshing to ride some good woodies after having been to Cedar Point the day before. I thought Villain was an awesome ride(my favorite in the park actually) and Big Dipper was fun too. The air in the back of that ride is terrifying(ly fun;)) Raging Wolfs Bobs was painful but sorta fun too. Better than Mean Streak at least, but that isn't saying much. Also, how much did you like Batman? I wasn't that impressed with it.


Since they've done this at Xflight, I've never seen trains in and out of the station so quickly. Oh and they just added a staff member at the lockers as a position on Monday.

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I dont know what the hell you're talkin about coaster boy. I had a walkie talkie, and wallet, with cargos on and didnt do anything. I hate people that bash this park, I love it, just don't compare it to Cedar Point all the time. Compare it to other Six Flags Parks and maybe you'll see its not bad at all. The ride collection here is as good as almost any Six Flags other than Magic Mountain. I know that the one train op this year is stupid but get aside that and it's awesome. They had it going the first couple of weeks, 2 train op on every ride that can do it, great atmosphere and great ride ops. You shouldve went to the Mandarin Buffet on the wildlife side for a meal, you were right by it when you were at the Shouka Stadium. I love that line from CoasterCrazyOne:

I beleive in opinions, but I don't like yours.

I mean C'mon.....geesh.


I had my cell phone, camera, wallet, extra film, backpack, and other "various" items in my pockets when I rode. Standard jean pockets. That is too bad the force you to empty out now, but it is a good idea buisness wise.

~I rode my first coaster June 2001 and since then I have ridden 43 different coasters!

Woah, Coastering Ohio. First off, the ride op who made me remove everything from my cargo shorts said it was the first week of the policy. Have you gone to the park this week? I think if I would have gone last week then I would not have even mentioned it. Or its another case of some employees following policies stricter than others.

2. Comparing to CP all the time? I made one comparison about SUE and Wicked Twister saying I would like WT better than SUE because of the back spike. Then at the end I said I enjoy CP and other parks better than SFWOA. Twice is not all the time.

3. Compare it to other six flags. Last year I visited WOA, Darien, New England, New Jersey, and Georgia. I hit Kentucky during last year's ace convention and America before they added Superman and Batwing. I think Jersey and Georgia had better, more enjoyable rides than Ohio. America is about the same.

4. Mandarian buffet-I don't like oriental food but aside from that, how much does the buffet cost? I would rather go to the Beachcomber for season pass holders and have them charge me an arm or a leg, not both with the Chinese place.

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