SFWOA July 14

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rides closed:
Mind Erasor
Texas Twister
Silver Bullet

A group of friends planned this trip to the park...I met up with Crystal later in the day there. We got there at 1:30
Like always we took a ride on all the coasters...except Serial Thriller

The flats were fn like always
we rode:
Spider (thats the name right?)
Mission BT
Starfish (2 times)
Time Warp

I was a little confused on the Starfish...the ride operator was allowing single riders...and they were all children too! I was watching one ride cylce and it had TWO single children riders! Whats going on?

Oh and the poor Silver Bullet...whats going on here?...its all dismantled

Villian...the train was half way up the lift most of the day...

but anyways

I went on the sky coaster twice

First time was with my friends Sean and John...

the second time was with my friends Crystal and Derrick...

I am also wondering why water is still $3.00 and soda is $2.00

and least I forget...the water rides
We rode the log ride around 2
Shipwreck Falls around 2:30
and Grizzly Run at 8...bad idea I was so so cold the rest of the night

IT was also so nice to see my one good friend from school working there...she works in Boomtown...but she is leaving in 1 month for Orlando to live and work at Disney...she is moving there for her senior year so she can be considered at FL resident for college.


it was a nice day...like always

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