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Tuesday, August 19, 2003 7:00 AM
Trip: Six Flags Worlds of Adventure
Date: Sunday, August 17th, 2003
Weather: 83 Sunny and Slight Breeze (couldn’t ask for a better day)

Hello Coaster Fans Who Are Now Realizing Park Summer Hours Are Now Over…WHERE DID THEY GO!!!

I’ve heard many things this year about new things SFWoA has been trying out and I have seen those things first hand. This year SFWoA has been advertising this thing called “Bikefest.” They have been promoting it as Harley/USA festival. I’ve heard a few things on the radio and seen things at the park but I NEVER imagined what this thing REALLY became.

I’m not the “Biker type”, but all my friends own Harley’s. I do like to look at custom Bike’s though. My wife and decided to head up to SFWoA to check out what this first annual event was all about. We arrived and went over to the Wild Rides parking lot...PACKED full. We then headed over to the Wild Life parking lot…PACKED full also (you know what’s coming up here then ;) .) After a little parking lot weaving we found a spot and parked.

Even though we parked in the Wild Life side we started on the Wild Rides side. We started out with SUE since it was now up and running. The line was only slightly out of the station surprisingly. Headed over to Big Dipper which was running two trains and we waited about 8 trains. For both sides of the parking lot being packed this place can now handle the crowds! BKF had a full que but had some stilt walker/juggler entertaining people…Hey this is like RCT!!! A new thing SFWoA did this year was adding a quarter machine next to all their quarter water cannons…and boy do those things work!! They have to make a killing off of those around the park! Texas Twister is now also up and running...FINALLY! I took 3 Texas spins on it, still one of the best around! Silver Bullet is still nowhere to be seen of course. After a few rides we headed over to find out about this Bikefest.

On to the Bikefest. The park itself was pretty much the same except for A LOT of extra security, mostly on the Wild Life side. A few extra beer stands have been placed in 3 locations in the park also. They had quite a few signs pointing to the party that lead us to Dolphin Harbor. Dolphin Harbor was open all day long, which was REALLY nice for a change. People could come up and interact with the Dolphins between shows today and they had two trainers at both ends answering people’s questions. A few people know that there is a path behind Dolphin Harbor, this path leads you to the lowest level of employee parking in the Wild Life side lot (this lot is right behind the theater and MBT. This is where the party was!

This huge lot had a lot of things going on…more than I was expecting! For starters they had a HUGE stage set up, and not a cheap one either. It had the lights, speakers, speakers, speakers, speakers, and even more woofers! Talk about feeling the beat! The stage was in the corner by MBT. Opposite that corner they had KISSFM, Harley, Nascar, etc booths everywhere. Anything a Biker could want and love basically. It was a good set up. In between that they had a lot of picnic tables set up to eat all the food and drink at. All day long there were at least 6 BIG pretty famous bands line up. We ate and listened to one, which was pretty good I must say. I found out that even though this was scheduled for only the 17th more Biker’s showed up then planned the day before…making it more like a two day Bikefest. They also had many Bike contest going on from what I could see. Almost all Six Flags employees working in the Bikefest area had new First Annual Bikefest shirts on that looked pretty nice.

Overall, SFWoA had to make a killing today in food, parking, merchandise, etc. The waterpark was packed and we did hit it today. But I didn’t hear any complaints today from guests (except one ugly guy that was upset an employee made him put on his shirt.) Finished up my video taping and just enjoyed the park. Excellent job to the staff today and Jess over at the…I don’t think I’m aloud to say where he’s at, but the guests sure liked his spiel half way through the…

Second Annual Bikefest is sure to follow after this!

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Thursday, August 21, 2003 4:38 AM
What can I say... everyone has fun when I'm running the ride! Nice Trip Report!

Jes's Roller Coasters DJ Jes
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Thursday, August 21, 2003 3:50 PM
Intresting- maybe some of those "tough harley guys" are scared of roller coasters LOL ;)

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