Wednesday, May 9, 2001 7:11 PM
I just got the new SFWOA package in the mail...I want this park to do well so bad (It's my homepark kinda I'm in between SFWOA and Kennywood) but they need to get there stuff straight. Next to the Villian description is a ROAR picture, some of the Hurricane pictures are surely not from Ohio, you mean to tell me they can't buy a digital camera and take actually shots of their own coasters? SF management scares me...I am praying they get this right!!!
Wednesday, May 9, 2001 7:54 PM
I wouldn't worry too much if I were you. It's not unusual for a park to show pictures of rides from other parks. In fact, sometimes I've seen rides from other chains. This is standard practice in the industry. FUN does it, PKS does it and even Paramount does it.
Thursday, May 10, 2001 2:15 AM
The general public won't notice anyway

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