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Private event for Progressive so it was free because my GF and her mom work there and I got her moms ticket. We arrived at about 10am got our vouchers for 2004 SP for $29, normally I would pass since I hate WOA but I'm planning wither a west coaster or east coast trip and theyll come in handy at other SF parks.

First ride was Batman, not a fan or floorless coasters but I like em better than standups, but there was no line no wait so we rode it, not a bad layout but kinda rough today, but not a bad ride at all.

Next was Serial Thriller, no line for this one either. I'm not a fan of this ride at all, but the layout is decent has quite a bit of leg chppers.

We hit the dodgems on our way to Villian, do these retards not no how to get out of a jam most of the ride was all the cars jammed in the center no body moving.

Finally time to hit Villian, this isn't the best woodie but I like it more everytime we ride it, we rode this one up front then since no one was in line we went to the back without exiting, kinda nice.

Double Loop, this ride sux but it was one of my first real coasters I ever rode when I was a kid so we rode it with no line.

Next we hit the Big Dipper, John Miller sure knew how to build a coaster with a punch, this is easily the best one at WOA, after a short line we rode this one, one my my favs.

Next was S:UE for the heck of it, still no line, this ride isn't as good at WT at CP but the holding break is kinda nice.

X-Flight, on of my absolute least favorite coasters I have ever been on, the layout sux, its uncomfortable and to me not worth riding at all.

The last coaster we rode was RWB's this on use to be one of the roughest woodies to me, but they have a diff train looks like one of the Villian trains which makes this coaster a lot smoother than before, I like this one a lot now.

We skipped Mind Eraser because the coaster is the biggers waste of time.

So by 12:15 we rode seven coasters onces one coaster twice and the dodgems, so we decided to head to the wildlife side, which I think is a complete joke. We hit a few shows and were on our way home by 4:30.

All in all probably my best ever SFWOA/Geauga Lake visit ever, the park actually seemed clean the ride ops were slow but not as mean as in years past, last year was the worst. I can honestly say this park is a good one, its only flaw is location, I personally would rather go to CP, KW, PKI, and CLP instead of WOA but if they werent surrounded by greater parks this park would seem a lot better, but that may have been due to the private event, I know when I worked at a golf course in highschool we we rude on normal days but on outing and private event days we had to be really nice . For me with my 2004 sp its a park of convienience after work for a few hours, but if i have day or two free, I'm going to a real park

I was at SFWOA for the Progressive event also, and I would have to say it was my best trip there ever! Besides the free pop at most food stands, and pretty much walk-ons for all the rides (even Batman, Villian, & Serial Thriller), it was the first time my 6 year old daughter got to ride the big coasters! I didn't think she was big enough yet, but when we got there, she just barely made the mark. She was thrilled!!

First we hit the Big Dipper, which I thought was a lot rougher than usual. I thought the roughness would scare my daughter, but she loved it!

I wasn't sure if she was ready for a looper, but we headed over to the Double Loop so she could see it and she practicly ran to the line. She couldn't stop laughing the entire ride. As soon as we got off, we got right back in line.

My sister wanted to go on the Villian, which I've never been on before, so we headed there next. I thought the size would scare the hell out of my daughter, but she couldn't wait to get on. She thought it was great! I was such a proud mommy yesterday!!

SFWOA isn't my favorite park, but there was no way I could pass up the $29 season pass deal. I figured even if we only go once or twice next year, it's worth it. And now that my daughter is a coaster addict like me, I have a feeling we'll be going quite a few times next year. Maybe I'll get lucky and she'lll have a major growth spurt over the year so she could go on all the 52" rides!

WOW! $29 dollars for a season pass is great! Thats cheaper then the employee discounted passes. Were they that cheap because of the event or is the the price till the end of the season?

SFWoA TL 2003!

The $29 price was just for that day, and the passes are for next season. It was definitely an incredible deal!

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