SFWoA 9/20/02 - Awesome Night!

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This was my first time at SFWoA this season, so I was really looking forward to riding some of the things I hadn’t ridden it a while.

I got into the park at about 7:45, and me and my buddy nick headed straight to the Villain. Now, I’d have to say, I couldn’t believe how great of a ride this is. I’ve been riding Mean Streak all summer and thought that was great, but Villain really blows it out of the water. I got 5 rides in a row on Villain without getting off since there wasn’t anybody in the park anyway.

After that we headed over to the Batman, but as we were going up the stairs we saw people coming down saying that someone puked and they had to clean it up, so we decided to skip it for now and go ride Serial Thriller. I was actually pretty impressed with the Serial Thriller this year, in the past I’ve had some not so nice experiences, but I actually had a pretty good ride on it. What made it really cool was the fact that by the time we got on it, it was already dark, and you couldn’t really see anything.

Anyway, after we got off Serial Thriller we decide to stop into the arcade to play some DDR. Now, the machine says 3rd mix, but I was gladly surprised to find that they had upgraded it to a MAX2. The only thing I was kind of disappointed with was the fact that it cost $1 for 3 songs. I mean, its not terrible, but it’s the highest of any arcade in my area.

We headed to Big Dipper next and nobody was there so we took the front row. Big Dipper is still an awesome ride with great airtime. After that we were really thirsty, so we stopped at a food stand and asked for some ice water, luckily the guy gave us the biggest size cups they had which was really cool.

And off we went to Superman; we walked into the station and headed straight for the back. It was a great ride, but I think Wicked Twister has really spoiled me with that back spike; the holding break is still cool though. After our first ride we moved up one row and rode again in the second last row, and then we moved up to about the third row. After three rides in a row, I decide that I wanted to sit in the front seat since I’d never done that before, but as I was saying that, about 8 people got in line for the front seat… figures.

Needless to say, we headed over to X-Flight and went straight to the second last row. The station music they have in there is really cool and the ride ops were pretty friendly. Speaking of ride ops, one thing I noticed was that none of the ride ups “push down” anymore, they only “pull up”, which is awesome. Anyway, after a sweet ride on X-Flight, I couldn’t get my shoulder restraint unbuckled, so the guy asked if I wanted to go around again, and I said sure. So after 2 rides on X-Flight, we headed back to Superman.

The front seat on Superman is awesome; I never realized how close you actually come to the top of the front spike. After that, we decided to head back to X-Flight and got a ride on that in the front row. One thing I noticed is that the front row gives a noticeably different ride, or maybe it just me…

Once we got off of X-Flight, we went to get some more water from a food stand, and then realized we hadn’t ridden Batman yet, so we started to walk back there. By now it was about 10:00 and right as were about to get in line it started to rain, but we decided to ride anyway. Once we got out of the station, it started raining pretty hard. Now, I’ve actually never ridden a big coaster in this much rain before, so I didn’t know it was going to sting like hell. Once we got back into the station, it took them a few minutes to get the floor back up, but they said anyone who wanted another ride could take it. Well, by now it was pouring, and we were almost going to do it, but opted not to at the last minute.

So, after that we ran all the way from Batman to the Arcade in the pouring rain, and by the time we got there we were totally soaked, but we played 2 more games of DDR and then left about 10:45.

After all is said and done, it was actually a great night at the park. We didn’t have to wait in a single line, and rode a ton of stuff in only 3 hours. Definitely one of my best trips to Six Flags.

Just sit back, and enjoy your record breaking ride on Millennium Force!

Great TR.
You didn't ride Double Loop. I actually think thats a great ride.
Hey, glad you enjoyed your visit. I actually haven't had a chance to work on a Friday 6-Midnight shift yet because of high-school football games... but from how you describe it, I'm missing out! Good TR.

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Six Flags Worlds Of Adventure 2002 Ride-Ops Crew (Have Fun Trying To Find Me!)

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I Left at around 7:45. I felt sick but still got 2 rides on BKF, X-Fight, 1 on Villian and Superman 2 on double loop and one on serial thriller and had a great time

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