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Sunday, August 5, 2001 4:07 PM
We started off our day getting to the park @ about 11:30 w/ an 11 opening time in the POURING rain. We were very bummed out. So a movie theater to see Rush Hour 2 but the next show was in an hour and a half. We decided to get Pizza. @ about 1:30, I noticed it had stopped raining. So we then got over to the park as fast as possible.

We arrived @ about 2:15, bought our FL passes and headed into the park. The passes said we could only ride superman between 4 and 5 and X-Flight between 6 and 7 w/ fastlane. Great, because we had to leave @ 7 so everything worked out fine.

Just 6 days ago We had gone to SFGAm, on a Saturday, which was a very big mistake. The wait for V2 was 3-4 hours, 2 hrs. for Batman, and 1 1/2 hrs. for Iron Wolf. I did ride Raging Bull twice though.

Back to now. Our first ride was Big Dipper. MY mom thought it would be fun but she doesn't really like coasters and she road in the back. She got off the ride trembling and a little shaken up. She would be fine. Next would be Serial Thriller. We used our first FL pass because of a 1/2 hour wait, and we were very short on time. This ride had some pretty cool foot choppers. My brother claimed he hit his foot on something but my brother talks alot of BS.

Next would be Batman. When we got to the station, there only 13 people in the entire station ( I counted). We rode that front and back seat. It really blew me away with those extremely banked turns. This was followed by Raging Wolf Bobs and a 15 minute wait w/ one train running.I liked the layout, but it had horrible pacing and little air time.

We then treked all the way across the park (which actually didn't seem like that long) to make our FL time on Superman. We went there thinking there was going to be a huge line after our experience @ SFGAm. There was nobody in the fastlane line. So I didn't use one there. I rode back seat and in the middle in about 30 minutes. I really didn't know what to expect. This ride was friggin' sweet. And for thge record, my brother chickened out on this ride.

Next we went back to the other side and rode vilain, in which I used my second FL pass. I was expecting alot from this ride and didn't get too much in return. But I do like those trains. Next was Double Loop. I liked the turn around in the trees but nothin' too impressive. It was about 90 out all day even after the rain, so we cooled down on Grizzly Rapids. There is like two or three areas where you get really wet.

We then walked back to X-Flight to make our FL time. Again there was no-one in FL line, but there was alot of people in the regular line. We used our 3rd and 4th FL pass on this ride. As some people were getting off, I heard one of them say "worth the 2 hour wait" so I'm glad I bought the FL. I guess they have the back row for just FL. This ride didn't thrill me and my high expectations, but I do love to fly. We rode it twice in 30 minutes w/ a one train operation.

Before we left I rode Superman again, but in the front seat, which is the best seat. I also rode Mind Eraser for my coaster count.

From what I heard, this park was going to be blanketed with litter and rude employees, but I saw no such thing except maybe a little litter. this park exceeded expectations.

I ranked the coasters like this:
1. Superman
2. Batman
3. X-Flight
4. Vilain
5. Serial Thriller
6. Big Dipper
7. Double Loop
8. Raging Wolf Bobs
9. Mind Eraser
Monday, August 6, 2001 4:26 AM

I was there that day two i was in the group of people riding in the pouring rain at 11:00am
True of all great coasters of the past and present, and future
it's a ride you'll remember for the rest of your lifeand probably will want to ride again.
Monday, August 6, 2001 6:11 AM
Im glad you liked sfwoa. It is not that bad of a park.

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