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Monday, August 20, 2001 6:39 PM
Well, after hearing the horror stories, I wasn't expecting much of this member of the Six Flags family, and it was the worst of the three Six Flags I've been to this year (GAm, MM, WoA).  However, it was not as bad as I thought it would be.  The setting with the lake in the center is very nice, and the queues moved quickly (except for X-Flight).  However, in cleanliness, WoA gets a thumbs down from me.  The bathrooms were horrendous.   However, the park gets a rather good rating overall.  Anyway, onto the rides: 

We went in through the wild animal park entrance due to a mix-up, so the first coaster we came to was Raging Wolf Bobs.  It really didn't deliver for me, but it was ok. 

Next, hit Batman: Knight Flight.  Despite a long-looking line, the wait was only about 30 min.  Actually, this was a little rougher than I expected.  However, from the middle of the train, the floorless trains still had a great open effect.  Overall, I like BKF. 

Rode Serial Thriller next, my first SLC by Vekoma.  Smoother than I expected, some good footchopper effects, a good ride.

Villain came next.  WOW!  An amazing woodie, my number three, just behind GhostRider and Viper (SFGAm).  The airtime was incredible.  The wait was only 15 minutes, so I rode again, alone because nobody else felt like riding again with me.  Oh, well, nothing could ruin the Villain. 

Walked onto Double Loop.  Short, but rather smooth for an old arrow.  A decent ride. 

Next rode X-Flight, my first flying coaster.  A very smooth, interesting experience.  I say interesting because it was the greatest ride, but an awesome feeling.  However, I wonder what the future is for flying coasters, because X-Flight was the slowest loading ride I have ever seen, and there were problems with reclining one train while the other was in the station.  I hope that Vekoma can work out these kinks, because the possibilities seem endless for flying coasters.

 Next came Superman: Ultimate Escape.  An excellent ride, just like Vertical Velocity.  Not much more to say.

Mind Eraser was a good ride in general, but for me, not so good.  Going backwards through the loops and cobra roll/boomerang left my stomach in a disturbing state.  I could never do this ride twice in a row.  It worries me as to how much I will like Deja Vu when it opens.

Big Dipper was an airtime filled funfest.  I loved it!  Despite being 76 years old, it was excellent.  One of the best rides at WoA. 

Rode Villain once more, in a slight rain, then left.  While I wouldn't mind riding these rides again (especially Villain, X-Flight, and Giant Dipper), there is no immediate need to return like I feel when leaving Cedar Point or other parks.
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