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Yes i finally got off my lazy bum to post my trip report. I would be going to SiX Flags Worlds of Adventure.

Saturday 8/17

We arive at the park at 12 something. We get into the park and head for X-Flight. Wait 1 hour and 30 min. We waited about 5 minutes and then left. So are next stop is Mind Eraser. Ride it and come off with a headache. I had to ride this with my friend because he had never been on it. Now we head over to Superman: Ultimate Escape. I can't really decide which is better Wicked Twister or S:UE. I love the holding brake on S:UE. I guess ill have to ride the back of WT next time i go. Anyway back to S:UE very good ride top 10 material.

We start our journey for the front of the park to meet up with my friends parents. We head back out to Batman Knight Flight. I thought this was a real awesome ride. This is deffinate top 10 material.

We left the park after we rode that due to bordom knowing that we will reture 3 days later.

Tuesday 8/20

We get at the park again around 12 something and again head for X-Flight. 2 hours, we don't wait a sec. So we head to Serial Thriller. This ride is really awesome and it makes you think your gonna lose your legs. Top 10 material. Now since it is such a short distance away we head to Batman Knight Flight. While waiting in line it broke down. Ug... There were 2 girls in line about 3 rows ahead of us. Everyone left inbetween us and them and only 2 other people stayed in line that were in front of them. So we were one of the first people. Again another awesome ride.

We head off to Raging Wolf Bobs. I am 5"9 130 lbs and i can stand in this thing. Oh well we were gonna go on Grizzly Bear Run but the line was huge. We start heading back to Serial Thriller and the line was short enough that we decided to ride again. Another awesome ride.

We go meet up with my friends parents and the head to X-Flight. 2 hour 30 min. wait. We waited because we had to ride this and we made a good decision to wait. So were waiting and then guess who we see in line. The 2 girls again. Well we were talking to them in the Batman line and on of them liked me so they let us cut. They saved us at leaset 20 minutes. Yay! So were still waiting and guess what again. X-Flight brakes down. They had to switch station. We still wait. We finally get in the station and get in front row. While i was waiting in the carthingy to go the ride op slams the bar that goes at your waist into me. Cough Cough... Anyways... This ride is totally incredible this is my 4th fav. coaster (due to the tie between WT and S:UE) this was sooo cooo!!! we leave at 7.

Overall i give the park a 6. I only found 5 coasters to be ok (seeing that i have already been on all of them beforehand besides X-Flight) these were in order of best to least

X-flight, Batman Knight Flight, Superman: Ultimate Escape, Serial Thriller, Villain, The.

Comments: This park needs to hire some better emoployees while waiting in line for ST the op just starts yelling at someone for no aparent reason. Oh well i can't wait till i get back to Cedar Point. (yes i know i am saying this in a SF trip report)

I miss Melanie.

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You cut! Wow some of the buzzers are gonna eat you alive.

Im the #1 Canobie Lake Park Fan!!!These are my top 3 coasters:
1. S:RoS @ SFNE 2. Yankee Cannonball 3. Cyclone/B:TDK

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