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Ok, I have to admit there is definite hope for this park. After all of the crap I heard about this season, I learned that the park is in very good condition. This TR is really dedicated to how the rides were runnning( trains, etc.), because I know that I was dying to know what it was going to be like.

X-Flight- We got to the park early enough to be in the "rush" to X-Flight. Opened right on time, with one-train op. Not too bad, seeing as how we only had to wait 2 trains. I really hate the station design, because everyone just sits around at the front and nobody goes to the back. X-Flight still manages to blow me away everytime I ride it. Just an incredible experience all around. My friend was equally impressed, stating it "was like nothing he had ever been on". Hit it two more times later in the day, with two train op (one station). Back to one train op at the end of the day.

Mind Eraser- No wait. I don't know why, but the G's on this coaster are extremely intense, giving me and my friend "sparkle vision". This ride just beat me up. My head was actually banging into the harness and I was not feeling well. We were not planning on hitting it again.

Big Dipper- One train op all day. About a two train wait for the back. My friend just didn't understand the trains, and called the dirty. I yelled at him for not respecting coaster history. :) You just ahve to love the out of control, backbreaking ride that Big Dipper delivers. The third drop, that suddenly turns really just wants to throw you out of the car. THEN, we hit 1-3 as our last ride. No wait because people just linger around the station. I can honestly say that the front car rivaled Shivering Timbers in airtime. The single lap bar is so free, I was just floating everywhere while screaming and laughing more than X-Flight. We had to hit it one more time. Would top ST if the first two drops were not so painful.

Batman- Two train op, no wait all day. Batman has a pretty good crew. Just a prefect ride, with no pain involved. Intense, fast, a great B&M coaster. 5 laps.

Villain- One train op, 15 minute wait. Here is a ride where I lower my head and sigh in aggravation and sadness. CCI built one hell of a roller coaster in Villain. The Vilain has such a promising layout, with great sudden drops, intense turns, and great visuals. Then you have the worst trains ever designed. I seriously thought I was on Son of Beast. Way too much vibration, and the train literally SLAMMED into the turn-drop after the high turnaround. Get rid of the trick track, get some maintence, and get some PTCs on this baby and you have a world-class coaster.

Serial Thriller- Two train op, no wait (except for front), best crew. Another Vekoma "try once, never again ride". Much like Mind Eraser, this ride is just too intense, with high G-forces and nauseating effects. The front seat is very cool though. I'm sorry, I would just rather be riding a B&M invert. Also, why are they releasing the restraints before the floor has stoppped moving?

Raging Wolf Bobs- One train op, no wait. My friend came up with a new name for this ride-Uncle Bob's Angry Ride. This name is not far from the truth. As much as I love the single lap bar trains, this ride was much worse than the last time I rode it. Just too much shuffling, and jolting into turns.

Double Loop- One train op, one train wait. Good to see this ride back up and running. I just love to be around this coaster, I feel like I'm hearing Magnum ascending its lift hill. One of my favorite Arrows.

Superman down all day. The train was just taken apart. Seats were not on the train, and some of the seat covers were taken off. Looks like it will be down for a long time.

SeaWorld- I love how they put rides on this side of the park. Batman was a little corny, but a nice break form the rides nonetheless. Pirates was packed. I like the show, but there is just not enough "4-d" sections to it. Impressed that they actually had the seats vibrating and spraying water and air.

Overall it was a fantastic day. I can't blames SF for not running two trains on some rides, because there was simply just not enough people. I would like to know where some water fountains are in that park. Only found the ones near the entrance bathrooms. Dare I say it, it's no Cedar Point, but it's one darn fine park.


1. MF 2. X-Flight 3. FoF 4. ST 5. Big Dipper

Great TR! Possitive for once! Seems like the midwest's impulses are screwed up now!
See THE ULTIMATE in Orlando TR'S! Right now in the TR fourm!

I went yesterday too, and wrote a TR, but dont know where it went:-/

I wonder why V2 is having the same thing done to its trains? Im just wondering, what time did you stay 'til, because around 8 almost every ride was down except RWB, ME, ST, and X-Flight was running empty trains. I do have to disagree with you on RWB though, i walked on for the front and had a great out of control air time filled ride.

Since Jeff made Track Record a "perk" for CB members i'll just post my count here: Coasters:99 Parks:14

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Bummer about Superman. I was hoping to get my impulse fix at SFWoA since SFGAm's V2 is also down. Ah, well, looks like I'll just have to hope Wicked Twister is open when I visit. :)

Thank You for challenging TOS: The Ride. We hope you enjoy the rest of your day, here at SFCB.

I stayed until 6 and everything was up and running.

Great TR! Im headed out to the park to visit it on the 12th. If Superman is not open I am going to be so upset. I havent ridden an impulse before!

Zero-G, why do you say that no Impulses will be open during the next few days? Do you know whats happening?

Good TR. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I had a similar experience on my visit last year. Too bad for the Villain, I loved it last year but it seems its gotten pretty bad over the off-season. I need to ride it to see the difference.

Steel: 1)MF, 2)Goliath, 3)Magnum
Wood: 1)Villain, 2)Beast, 3)Roar(SFMW)

Zero-G do you know why all the Impulses are down for this period of time? I was planning a trip to SFGAm and was really anticipating a ride on V2. Is there something wrong them? Thanks... and also great trip report. Glad to hear there are people that appreciate SFWoA so much.

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Zero-G said:

Don't count on any Impulses being open during these next several days... maybe even weeks. (Except for V2 California).

What's wrong with Wicked Twister?

Thank You for challenging TOS: The Ride. We hope you enjoy the rest of your day, here at SFCB.

Sounds like fun. Impulses are hard to get on, especially V2's.


Good to see people looking for good at WOA instead of bad like most of the topics lately.

The Beast and Night, They go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly

As much as I hate to 'hate' Villain, I'm glad to know that there are others out there that think the way that I do.

I'm sure it is the trains. They're too light or something, because they tear through that track at what seems to be their own expense. I guess if there was more substantial rolling stock, there wouldn't be a problem.

Its not SeaWorld, Six Flags bought that property in 2001 and it's been apart of Six Flags ever since, please refer to it by its name, WildLife side. Because im sure you didnt travel to Orlando to visit SeaWorld.

SFWoA ATL in 2002!

I was there last Tuesday for the first time. I was impressed by the way that SF turned that park into something worth visiting. However I was disappointed with the cleanliness of the park. I could not understand why Six Flags would build something so awesome and let the day to day filth damper the experience.

Your TR was awesome and I agree with you 100% about how great the park has become. I also heard the horror stories and told many people that I was just "going there to say I was there". I made several phonecalls after I was there to change my story. Your TR is right on the money!!

Agreed, it's nice to see someone write about the positive side of the park. Much needed after that bash-fest a couple weeks back. I think I even got some shots in on SF in general in that thread...but it's always good to see the positive side of any park.

PLEASE READ: This post wasn't meant to offend or anger anyone; I apologize in advance if it does. So please don't post a reply just to rant about it. :)

I went to all 3 "impulse" parks in the Midwest over the last two weeks, and all 3 were running. Maybe i just got lucky.

V2 had the best ride (we got closer to the top than i ever imagined!), and S:UE had the best atmoshphere, including walk-on rides for most of the day. WT was ok, but way too long a line for what it is. I sat in the back and didn't feel like we made it even halfway up the spike.

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