SFWoA 7-31 New Ride Being Built

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Hey Coaster Fans,

I just got back from SFWoA and noticed evern more new stuff SFWoA has changed with in the last week...and they are even building a new ride!!

1) ALL the weight guessing games have new fronts on them. some of them use to say Toledo on the front....now they all say Six Flags Worlds of Adventure.

2) Inside the aquarium building, the "Ohio Pond/River" aquarium ( the one with the BIG turtle in it and some logs). Just got a MAJOR overhaul. It's crystal clear. It looks like they moved out one log or replaced some logs, and they added lots of schools of fish. Much cleaner now.

3)They are asking people before they order in the Clubhouse for their season passes. Which Shawna and I had $2 foot long subs, 2 bags of chips 1 soda, and 1 straw daq. All for under $10...yummmm

4) SFWoA is building yet another ride!! This ride as of right now (pictures to be posted some time soon) is located right behind Batman Stadium. Imagine standing (looking at the back of it) about 200ft back into the midway. It's on your right. Basically where the Show stage for Mardi Gras was last year. The ride is being assemebled as of yesterday. They had a lot of it wrapped up but I could make out the gist. Their is a center that lookes like the center of a "fancy swing ride (like CP's swing...only half the size)." It has a top section also to be added. On both those sections is A LOT of art work that looks to be like the old time machine movie and time travel stuff painted in murals on it. Their are four 7ft. tarps covered but looked to be what you ride in. They almost look like a tall skinny birdcage covered up. It has 8 castle like spike toppers with red flags coming out of the top that look like they will fit on the "cages" Anyone know what kind of ride this is?

5) They actually had ALL the motion simulators in MBT running...first time in 3 years I have seen that. And there was actually a fast moving line!Oh, and I still like the theming to this attraction. It's strange though how the movie is not the great but it scares little kids like you wouldn't belive!

6) Texas Twister has not noticable changes since it has opened exept that it seems to have a soft padding behind the head. Double Loop does have new friction brakes, shoulder harnesses, and has some strange retangular cutout behind every seat covered by a somewhat clear smokey plastic sheat. Mind Eraser and Ferris Wheel are both opened for those going sometime soon.

These are just a few of the things I noticed, just thought I'd pass it on :)

"The Future of Roller Coasters"

Thanks so much for the info, it looks like SFWoA is putting an effort to cleaning up the park a bit more which is good to hear.

Good Times!! Good Times!!
CCI Lives On!!!!

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I'll be visiting the park frequently between August 5-10. (Annual Ohio Coaster Trip :)) I hope this holds true for my visits. SFWoA really has a lot of potential, and a great collection of rides.

Thank You for challenging TOS: The Ride. We hope you enjoy the rest of your day, here at SFCB.

RCGod, how was the capacity? Most of the trains on the tracks? Line Jumpers? Were the lines longer than they should have been?

There's nothing like a woodie...

When I went on tuesday all rides had 1- 2 trains on them. The lines were not bad at all. The most of a line jump I got all day was a little kid moving back in the line to throw something out then come back in. A very godd day at the park in a whole


Just a warning!

August 9th is 92.3 Extreme Radios deck day, park will be packed!!

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