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Park: Six Flags Worlds of Adventure
Date: July 2, 2002

Since I was supposed to go to Cedar Point on Wednesday and I’m not, I wasn’t going to let 2 days off pass me by without a bit of riding. So, with a little coaxing, I talked my brother into going to WoA today. My mom decided to not go due to the temps. What a surprise I had this morning at 6:30 when I wake up to my own mother asking if she can join us! I was happy to have her come along, as we hadn’t done anything as a family (park-wise) this summer.

The trip up was different. Instead of my usual route (via the turnpike) I opted to take a back road that basically went right into the lot. I ended up hollering at the slow cars and confusing road signs, along with talking to myself and a bit of singing as well. We finally get to the parking lot (rides side) and get almost yelled at to *HOLD ON WHILE I GET YOUR CHANGE!* We then were cut off by a guy in a Blazer who was in a big rush to park. I ended up parking right next to him. So much for rushing.

I slathered myself with sunscreen and off we went. Thank goodness we bought my mom and my brother’s tickets beforehand at Giant Eagle (for $10 off too), and was able to bypass the REALLY long ticket line! I hadn’t ridden X-Flight as of yet, and I wanted to ride. So did everyone else. I passed it up knowing the line would be short later on.

So over to Superman: Ultimate Escape. Three train wait, third from back.
I’ve been spoiled rotten by my two rides on Wicked Twister. Although I enjoyed this ride, and they are both unique, I really do like Wicked Twister much better. Those of you who disagree, please note that this is MY OPINION. I haven’t yet rode the *tamed down* version of Wicked Twister yet, so again MY OPINION may change.

Next up was a new coaster for me... Batman: Knight Flight. The line was at the beginning of the stairs. Front row for maximum effect. Two trains running.
I was excited about this one. Haven’t yet figured out why I didn’t ride it before. This is, by far, my favorite coaster in the park. So smooth! So pretty! I guess the two other people we rode with hadn’t been on it before either. They decided that when the train hit the lift, the restraints locked into place. When they didn’t, the guy asked me if they were supposed to be that loose. I told him that if there was something wrong with the restraints, they would have caught it before we left the station. He seemed OK with that. But, oh my, what a BEAUTIFUL ride I got! I didn’t even get sick. So proud.

We departed B:KF to across the way to grab something to drink, and in the process we lost my mother! She had been waiting back by Serial Thriller. Obviously she didn’t hear me mention that I was going onto Batman instead of Serial Thriller.

By this time we decided that we were hungry, and I had mentioned the buffet on the wildlife side of the park. By the time we got to Raging Wolf Bobs I had discovered that the Mandarin Buffet was at the OPPOSITE end of the Wildlife side! In the process of getting to the restaurant, we looked at the dolphins, spent $5 a piece in an arcade, Shouka (oh my she’s absolutely beautiful), and watched the Batman stunt show, which all three of us thoroughly enjoyed and the pyro’s were stupendous! By this time I had decided which route to take to the Mandarin Buffet. I highly suggest this place to eat... such good food, and for $13 I ate a LOT. I noticed that the tables went un-bussed for approx. 15 minutes or so after a party had left them.

Head back to the rides side. I REALLY want to ride X-Flight! By this time my brother was in a better mood, and to compensate for that, I went to Mr. Hyde’s Nasty Fall. I told him about The Edge while in the queue. He didn’t really want to ride it after that, but did anyway. Wait was about 5 minutes or so, and they were only running 2 cars on this! What? To avoid me closing my eyes like I did on Demon Drop, my brother did the *penny trick* so I had something to watch rather than my life flashing before my eyes.

We FINALLY get to X-Flight! One train (after two in the morning), about 45 minute wait. Last row.
Are there any signs about NOT SMOKING IN THE QUEUE on X-Flight? I’m thinking no, because there were about 7 different people smoking! My brother wanted to ride last row... and I had to endure about 5 minutes of a lovey-dovey couple in front of us. I get locked in, and I am informed that I need to take off my glasses. For those of you who don’t know, I can’t see ANYTHING without my glasses on! So I take them off and hand them to the ride op... Who hands them to ANOTHER ride op... WHO THEN SETS THEM ON THE FLOOR. My very expensive glasses... sitting on the floor. I wasn’t thrilled. But seeing didn’t matter much anyway, I couldn’t see due to the fact that my hair was everywhere. I shouldn’t have been so excited to ride it. I got off with a headache.

My brother goes to ride the go-karts and I’m so thirsty, and I want some sugar. I gave up and bought a souvenir cup. We are waiting for my brother at the picnic tables underneath the monorail, and we sit next to a Cedar Point souvenir cup. I asked my mom if perhaps they sold them there too...

We stopped for a bit in the air-conditioned splendor of the magic show, and the little bit that I did get to see would have been more enjoyable if not for the screaming idiots who were standing behind me. We needed to go back to the wildlife side and get worthless stuff for the tickets we won earlier in the arcade. In the process of that, we saw Tiger Island, the penguins, the aquarium, and the stingrays. We finally get back to the arcade and I spent another $10 in tokens. We ended up with over 1,000 between the three of us... I got a nice Taz pen out of it. Apparently, though, we forgot how to add in the process, and were short 50 tickets. The lady informed us of our mistake and said she just gave them to us anyway. How nice!

Now we decide that its about that time to go, and I couldn’t agree more... after I get a couple more laps. I finally get on Raging Wolf Bobs. One train, absolutely nobody in the station except for the ride-ops, front seat.
I found this ride to be enjoyable, but not re-rideable. Those poor trains sound like they are just going to fall apart at any moment. My quote to my brother, “You know how to ride Mean Streak? Well, this is nearly the same ride. Ride this like you ride Mean Streak.”

We noticed that the line for Batman was in the station, AND the fact there were still two trains going, so we took another lap on that. I almost had a young girl cut in front of me until her friend told her to GET BEHIND ME. I took this lap in the back seat... WOW the intensity! I think since I had my hands up that the two younger girls (who tried to cut) took the incentive. I wonder if that was it? Maybe not.

I had yet to ride Villain. Line was in the station, two trains, row 3. I knocked my brother in the head a few times with my elbow. Perhaps I knocked some sense into him as well? I’m not sure what it is about this ride, but I just can’t get it at all. I’m sure if I did I wouldn’t have hit my brother as many times as I did.

Alas, it was time to leave. I had a surprisingly good day at the park! I didn’t get to ride everything that I wanted to, but that was ok. I’ll have to trek out that way again before the end of the season.

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WoA...Jess actually found a B&M that she likes! Congrats on not getting motion sick...after surviving both this and the eternal cycle of Conneaut's scrambler, maybe your motion sickness is starting to go away. Glad you grabbed a lap on Batman in the back, also. By far, that's my favorite place to ride.

It's 106 miles to Indiana Beach. We've got a full tank of gas and a half-full cooler of cokes. It's light, and we're wearing Disaster Transport 3-D glasses....hit it!

Ye haw, the other Jess came to my park. Glad ya had fun!

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I love X-Flight and think it's by far the best ride there IMO. I know a lot of people think that Batman is the best ride but I just find it overrated and the corkscrews just hurt.

I know X-Flight has it's mistakes too but still I'd ride it over Batman anyday. They really need to shape it up though. I think that they should just always have 2 trains on it. I had the best time I've ever had earlier this season becasue they were running 2 trains on it so it was a walk-on all day. I still think Xflight is the better ride, but I don't want to get in an argument.

I love your choice of Mandarin Buffet. Everytime I've gone there this year, I got there. They're so nice and I love all the food. I think the Wild Life side will actually be the better side next year after the hyper. The atmosphere is so much better over there.

Nice TR!

How have they made WT "tame"

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You know, this TR and another recent one remind me that I need to ride Batman in the front seat from time to time to appreciate it. Sitting almost anywhere else just doesn't offer the same visuals.

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Nice TR. Congrats on not getting sick! Soon you'll be riding Flyers, Troika Troika Troikas, and Tilt-N-Hurls with ease ;) Nice that your mom could join you! I can't believe their carelessness with your glasses.......I would have been slightly irate. Wow you're quite the arcade guru! And that's a shame about Villain.....was it not running well, or just not your kind of CCI? Looks like your brother enjoyed it though. Heh heh. I STILL haven't been to WoA this year, and have no idea when I'll make it. Perhaps in the fall, but without DL running it won't be the same. :(
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I agree with Jeff that the front seat is worth it sometimes for the visual effect ("nothin' in front o' me, nothin' below me..."), but I prefer the back when I just want to experience a good sitdown looper. Both rows are excellent, though, as is everything in between. All the big coasters Six Flags slapped into that park when they rebranded are excellent and continue to bring me back. The big trainwreck they added after that, well, that's another story. Bring on that hyper!

Congrats on not getting sick, Jess!

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Am I missing something about the sickness? Never met Jess (oddly enough) in real life, so perhaps we need a spot of backstory. ;)

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Rewind to Millennium Mania last year, day one...

Rode Magnum six times straight over a wheel. The shaking didn't quite do it for me as I got off, ran down the exit, and got sick. Went to Blue Streak, ran down exit and got sick... not once but twice. It gets mentioned every time I ride Blue Streak. I've since discovered that eating a bit helps.

Oddly enough, I didn't feel sick at any point while I was in the park yesterday (except the headache after X-Flight), but while on the way home I discovered that I had to stare out the window because if I didn't, I'd start to get sick.

I haven't figured myself out yet, and I don't think that's going to happen either.

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Nice TR. It's a little bizarre they insisted that you remove your glasses for X-Flight...they let yours truly stroll on with Ray-Bans and all. I almost wish they hadn't, as I spent half the ride pushing my specs to my face.

Had they fussed at me, I would have walked back to the car, attached a strap and had a lot more fun. Oh well.

I was about to say I wish I had met you at the park...but then you had to bring up the barfing thing. Oooh, did I say 'bring up'? Sorry. :)

Hey, this reminds me...I gotta get back to the TRs. Be on the watch for Day 3, Park #6 "SFWOA--Does it suck yet?" as soon as I get off my duff.


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About the glasses on X-Flight: I was asked twice when I rode if I had a Croakie/other means of securing them. Once before entering the line (where they direct people to the lockers) and again upon boarding the coaster.

I, too, was amazed at the visuals on Batman in the front seat. This was my first floorless, so I had no idea how effective the concept was in the front. I preferred the backseat for the forces, but the view from up front ruled.

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Nice TR, kind of funny that we were in a sense "Trading Parks," since KicksTheSky and I went to Darien Lake, and you went to SFWoA. I'm glad you had a good time and like everyone else, glad you didn't get sick.

Of course we'll never forget your gastrotechnics show at the Magnum and Blue Streak. I believe those bushes you found at BS are fareing quite well ;)

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Nice TR!

-Sean Newman
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