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Saturday, June 9, 2001 7:58 AM
I arrived early in the mourning with my friends and waited in line to get into the rockville section of the park. we all ran towards X flight and they where only running one train we got the back seat this ride is awesome it is a must ride.waited about 45 miniutes. Then we rode superman twice in the second and thrid car this ride is still exciting. we rode the big dipper and they finnaly where running two trains a ok ride. then rode some boring rides like ferris wheel and car ride. we rode the villan which is great but they should have not changed the lap bars but still great. then went to marine life side the boardwalk is nice and saw the shark enconter and rode bremuda triangle. And rode raging Wolfbobs this coaster hurt they need to do a lot of work on this coaster. Some things i noticed texas twister and mind eraser where not running not crowded and the ride operators are nicer then last year and X flight is awesome you need to ride it.

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