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Thursday, June 12, 2003 9:56 PM
On Wednesday, my girlfriend Amanda and I visited Six Flags Worlds of Adventure. But, the Adventure started on Tuesday.

I picked up Amanda around 4:30, and we started the 2 1/2 hour ride from our small town in western PA named California. We stopped at a Bob Evans on the turnpike at about 6:00 because we were both starving. Around 7:45, we checked into some hotel on right down the road from the park and just ordered some pizza and watched t.v. till around 11:00.

The next morning began around 9:30 with Amanda waking me up to get me going. We both took showers, got dressed, ate breakfast, and we were off!

We arrived at the park around 10:40 and were greeted by a nearly empty parking lot and $8 parking. Oh well, our tickets were free from my dad's company in Pittsburgh!

Incase any of you were there yesterday and are wondering if you saw us, I was wearing a black Flogging Molly t-shirt, and Amanda was wearing a red aeropostale shirt.

They dropped the rope around 11, and we wanted to ride the Texas Twister because we rode another Top Spin at Kennywood on Monday, and we wanted to ride it really bad. But, it happened to be closed. Oh well, there's always Batman Knight Flight.

Batman Knight Flight had no line at all, and me and Amanda basically walked to the front row, without stopping, and getting on the ride with a 0 train wait as well. the ride was just how i left it last year. But a little more bumpy. Oh well, still fun!

Next, we got a ride on the Raging Wolf Bobs. In all the years I've been to SFWOA, I've never been on this thing. And guess what, i didn't miss a freaking thing! This must be the worst ride I have ever taken. And I don't want to know how bad it was before the re-tracking and new trains were installed. Overall my worst coaster riding experience ever. Even with a walk-on.

We got in 2 more BKF front row rides, and decided to get on Grizzly Run white water rafting ride. We were literally the only ones on the ride. Wow was that water cold. Amanda was the one that made me ride this, and she didn't get a little splash, but I ended up getting soaked. Overall pretty cool, because the past 2 summers a had atleast a 1 hour wait for it.

We got in another ride on BKF, giving us 4 rides before noon, and went over to the Villain. We watched it for a few minutes and realized there was only one train op. But, we figured there wasn't a line. There wasn't, until the stairs before the station. Now this wouldn't seem that bad, if the crew wasn't slow as moses, and you had some loud little punk kids behind you yelling at the top of their lungs to the kid freakin next to them. This wait was only about 10 minutes, but seemed like an eternity. By the time we got on the ride, it began to rain, not hard, but steady. Add that to 60mph and a 120 foot drop in the front row, and you have a fun/painful experience.

We then decided to head over to the Wild Life side of the park because the Tiger Island show was staring at 1:15. tiger Island was a bit interesting, but very lame compared to the All Star Pets show it replaced.

Batman water stunt "spectacular" was starting at 1:45, so we headed across the way for that. It was a decent show, but nothing to tell your friends about.

We then saw the whale formerly known as shamu(what was its name anyways). For the first time in years, I didn't, nor cared to sit in the splash zone. It was funny seeing the lame 8-11 year olds experience Bacteria Splash, I mean, who hasn't experienced it?

Then it was lunch time at the very good Mandarin(sp?) Buffet. Any food you could think of. Asian or American.

Went back over to the Wild Rides section of the park to take on Hurricane Harbor. We rode all of the Hurricane Mountain Slides. All of which were very fun. Rode all of the Shark Attack slides. Then we soaked in the wave pool for a bit. Hook's Lagoon was getting a new filter or something, and Neptune Falls goes into the same pool, so both were down..:( I LOVE HOOK'S LAGOON!

Got back on the rides in a big way after that. Started off with 5 rides on S:UE. All of which were back-to-back rides without getting off!

After that was a 15 minute wait for the very entertaining X-Flight. 2 times I might add.

We then got a ride on Mr. Hyde's Nasty Fall, or drop, who cares? Only one car running, and it was lame anyway.

We went on Time Warp after that. We were actually the only two people on the ride. It was my first time on this ride. And it will be my last.

We then got in 3 laps on the classic Big Dipper. Still very fun!

Headed back over to Coyote Creek for a few rides.

We had yet to be on the Serial Thriller so it was off to that! We actually stayed on the ride for 3 straight rides on what I find to be a quite fun roller coaster. Unline most Hang and Bangs. Also got an overide photo from the ride. Amanda's hair is straight back and I look like Doc from back to the Future. Truely classic!

By now, it was 7:30. We got dinner by getting 2 monster dogs at a hot dog stand by BKF.

Speaking of BKF, we got in an amazing 6 more rides on it after dinner.

We also hit the Villain a few times and began to get tired. The time was 8:30 and the park was still open for 2 more hours and we didn't know what to do. Then it hit us!

We went over to Shipwreck Falls and stayed on for an amazing 30 consecutive rides! After that we dryed off with 3 more S:UE rides, and 2 more BKF rides, and we headed back to our hotel for the night.

Overall crowd: very minimal, mostly walk-ons all day

Weather: Mostly cloudy, with a few small showers, few spots of sunlight during the day.

The next day, we checked out nearby Hiram University because my brother Shane will be going to school and playing baseball there.

In conclusion, my fourth trip to Six Flags Worlds of Adventure was infact, an Adventure. I can't wait to go back next year!

Thursday, June 12, 2003 10:52 PM
john peck's avatar All that hotel time and no Hanky Panky?

Oops, this a family site, not a site for making families!

Thursday, June 12, 2003 10:55 PM

john peck said:
All that hotel time and no Hanky Panky?

Oops, this a family site, not a site for making families!

That's whay i didn't say anything.....thanks for replying!

Thursday, June 12, 2003 11:24 PM
Trip Report: I visited Six Flags Ohio 3 years ago, and the old Geauga Lake side was wall to wall of people. Even the funnel cake stand had a line of about 20 people long and was stopping the flow of traffic from passing through.

But on 6/8/03, it was a different story. The weather was calling for tornado warnings all day. We arrived at 10:30am, and the park was empty. The sun was out until 4:00pm, and every coaster was a walk-on. The only time we waited was to ride the Bermuda Triangle simulator, which was about 10 minutes. Oh, how wonderful it was to just walk up to a coaster and ride it. Almost felt like we owned the park.

Thoughts on the coasters: Villian is still a great ride, but got a little rougher. X-Flight is still fun, but B&M's Superman at Great Adventure in New Jersey is better. Knight Flight is still my favorite floorless coaster. Raging Wolf Bobs is getting worse. Big Dipper is still a fun ride. And Superman Ultimate Escape is still wicked and better than Wicked Twister at Cedar Point.

The Batman Stunt Show was slow at times. And the audience laughed its loudess when Batman tripped while running to his jet-ski. One plus about the attraction... The Batboat was really cool!

Overall, we completed our coaster tour of WOA in 3 hours, then spent the day hitting the shows. That's a great day in my book... Especially since we hit Kings Island the day before, and Cedar Point was next on our list to hit the day after.

BTW: I'm formally from Brownsville, and went to Cal U.
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Thursday, June 12, 2003 11:27 PM
Cool, I live actually live in West Brownsville, by symyak's junk yard. I'm goin to Cal U in 2006 to become a Sports Broascaster!
Thursday, June 12, 2003 11:31 PM
I have to agree with you on Raging Wolf Bobs. I rode this after allready suffering a massive headache from the Villian and I'm still regretting it. It was hands down the worst ride of my life, as it made my headache ten times worse and royally messed me up for the rest of the week. Just terrible.

G's! They're what's for dinner!

Friday, June 13, 2003 6:41 AM
john peck's avatar Well the scary thing about RWB is now with the retracking on the second half and the Gersluer train, this ride is atually "better".

Don't worry, once they finish the retracking for next season, the whole ride should be wonderful and fast.


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