SFWOA 10-20-02

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First off I must tell you I went there to volunteer for Key Club for March of Dimes. My friend and I worked the pumpkin patch! I actually had alot of fun! We both got to meet some really nice workers! They were so much fun! And the best part was that since we volunteered they gave us some breaks! So on our first break we went on Batman! Oh wow I had one of the best rides on it! My friend had never been on this! WOW!
Big Dipper-no line
great ride
Superman-oh wow my friend had never ben on this before either! She had her scream of death when it stopped in the vertical break.
So we went back to the pumpkin patch after grabbing some lunch

On our second break we decided to head over to X Flight! They was almost no line to speak of. So as soon as we reclined the ride broke! It was aweful. But to pass the time we both made friends with some of the workers! Mostly Dave. We kept asking funny questions like "we wont sue if we can see the whale WE WANT THE WHALE" "free t shirts" and yes everyone knew we were joking. It took them about 15 min to get us back up. By then I had the worst headache and I felt like I was going to be sick! So we both just went back to the pumpkin patch and sat there, not wanting to move. I had that headache for a few hours. So that was our last ride of the day. We left at 6 when our shift was over. I had a lot of fun!

Next trip-SFWOA (again) for more PUMPKIN PATCH)
then followed by SFWOA the week after (last weekend) just for fun!

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