SFWoA: Finer & Whiner Points

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Saturday, July 7, 2001 11:41 AM
Finally we hit a busy day in Aurora. I have visited SFWoA 3 previous times in which all coasters, except X-Flight, were walk ons.

The Finer Points: X-Flight, 3rd time riding it, it just keeps getting better and better. We were able to see how they distribute 2 trains with the switchtrack on the hydro-wheel(I don't know what they call it, help me out, here) at both ends of the station, which is another engineering marvel. The Villian and Batman are still fast & furious and do NOT receive the credit they deserve.

The Whiner Points: 1) X-Flight did not open until 1pm, no big deal there...BUT...2) Superman was not open ALL DAY!!! Which royally upset the group I was with, since they haven't ridden it yet! 3) Raging Wolf ran ONE train all day! 4) Batman was running 2 trains until I came off the back of the train and told the head operator in the booth to get the third train on....I know, I know, you're saying that it was not my doing, BUT, she finally saw the line back to the entrance, 5 minutes later #3 was deployed... 5) Serial Thriller operators were horrible. I realized they were training some new staff, but they stacked EVERY train and were going about the whole process like they were hungover from the 4th, with that...a 45 minute wait for an average coaster.

Overall, the staff seemed as if they said, "Well, we made it through a very busy day on the 4th, so now we can just relax." And relax, they did. All service was slow, overall, and not up to par. But, when I can ride Villian and Batman as many times as I did on a season pass, I will not complain. It was an average riding day at Worlds of Adventure (the park, that is an adventure from one trip to the next).

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