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As Friday was my Prom, Saturday happened to be “after Prom” at World’s of Adventure. Our 6 buses arrived around 12:30, the idiots got lost on a freeway.

First up was X-Flight. They still have on train on it and the wait is still horrible. The line was maybe a quarter of the way full and the wait was around an hour and a half. The ride itself is still a huge rush, one of my favorites out there. The helix at the end still gets me going.

Next up was Batman: Knight Flight. This is still my second favorite coaster in the park. I still feel it’s the best floorless out there. They were running 2 trains on it and the waits were at max 10 minutes for the front seat. So I got 3 rides in on it, pure bliss. :)

Then the worst ride of the day, and you could tell by how empty the station was. Raging Wolf Bobs is just pure crap anymore. It used to be you’d get on it and get knocked around, that was fun from time to time. Now you get on and the first half about breaks your back and the second half seems like you could fall asleep it is so smooth. I swear that has to be the worst wooden coaster I’ve ever ridden.

Funniest part of the day happened next. My friends and I got hungry so we decided to look for some snow cones. We walked around the path and came to a snow cone booth, but the machine was broke. No luck there. So we continue on to the Wild Life side and come across another snow cone stand. I ask the guy how much the large bowls are and he had no idea. So he looks around and says: “Oh, F#$K it, it’s free!” He gave away three free snow cones and his boss walked up as he was giving away the last one. I’m pretty sure he won’t be there too long as that was his first day working at the park.

So we head back over to the Wild Rides side and hit Villain. While in line I heard a couple mention Guide To The Point, but I was to far back to get to meet them. :( I swear that train is a ball buster, I was barely able to walk after I got off of it. Very fun ride other than that, seemed to be running faster than normal.

Next we hit Double Loop, nothing special here, just another Arrow.

Next up we hit Big Dipper. I wasn’t real excited about it, but man was I in for a surprise. That coaster looks tiny but man it dishes out massive airtime. That’s now my favorite coaster in the park.

We decided to see what was up with Superman. Turns out the trains are now on the track, so it should be open soon.

We hit Mind Eraser next, while I was waiting for the air gates to open the girl that was getting out of the seat I was getting into decided to let go of her lunch right into my seat, oh joy. I get to stand there and watch the ride attendants clean up puke for 5 minutes. I finally got on and it was your normal Boomerang, not overly rough though.

I decided to end my day with a head ache to be able to say I rode all the open coaster in the park. So we headed over to Serial Thriller. Man that thing is so damn rough. I’m glad I waited till the end of the day to get on it. It feels like it’s going to take your head off.

The park was in really decent shape, no trash all over the midways like in the past few years. The only complaint I had was the one-train operations. And the restrooms were just terrible.

The thing that Six Flags needs to worry about is the people aren’t even talking about the park they’re in. I can’t even count the number of times I head people talking about Cedar Point and how they wish they were able to head up that way. WoA had better add a kick ass hyper next year or they’ll have major problems.

Overall the park was pretty fun, they do need to get a drop tower. It’d be pretty simple to place it in the place of Mr. Hyde’s Nasty Fall. I can’t remember the last time that was open.
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I agree SFWoA really needs to build that hyper. Did they ever get zoning for it though?? They are going to have to do something about whatever county is on the Sea World side to let them build some coasters. They bought all this land and they have done absolutly nothing with it. WoA has so much more land than CP but they manage it terribly. They have all these spots to but coasters but they end up putting thme in the parking lot(X-flight) or in the lake(Serial Thriller and Batman). Villain is a great ride but it takes up a ton of space. They should just take down RWB already and put their hyper there. As for the Serial Thriller, you can avoid the brain damage by keeping your head to one side of the overhead restraints to keep it from slamming into the pads. I think X-Flight is terribly overrated and ever time I ride it, the wait is longer and longer. Mr. Hyde does have its fun parts like getting stuck at the top of the tower. It's no rollback but it's still fun.
Yes they got the permission to build the coaster.
I think Batman and Serial Thriller are in great locations.
Yeah I was there the same day as you. I must have been on the same Mind Eraser ride because I saw that girl lose her lunch in the front of the train and I was talking to the ride op about it. She said that luckily she didn't have to clean it up. I love the park though, and can't complain at all. It had stormed all morning (5-7ish) so everything was wet and flooded, causing an all day mess in the bathrooms. Six Flags believe it or not, can't control the weather, so that's why the bathrooms were so messy. I haven't seen anything wrong yet at the park this year, other than the 1 train operation on the Villain!
I think the Lake locations are great. I hope more rides make their way over to the lake side.

SFWoA TL 2003!

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