SFWoA - October 27, 2001

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Saturday, October 27, 2001 4:27 PM
Brr.. it was a cold day at Six Flags Worlds of Adventure.

I arrived at about 4:45, and immediatly noticed nobody really at the park. The only coaster I saw running was S:UE.

Got inside the park, and was greeted with metal detectors. Yup, they have arrived. And the line got pretty long too. I hope they can handle this better in the summertime.

The only rides open were Superman Ultimate Escape, Roadrunner Express, the Yo Yo, Eldorado, Musik Express, Time Warp, Texas Twister, Dodgems, Carousel, and the Antique Cars. I rode S:UE about 10 times, and the Antique Cars once.

Although it was very cold, it was nice to be up there for my last visit. The food was very good, and we had a lot of it. Yum, chicken fries rock! :)

The park closed 5 hours early, at 7:00. They did hand out complimentary tickets for the inconveinence.

Tomorrow is the last day for SFWoA... hopefully it turns out better than today! And let's see if it can stay open for the whole day.

See ya next summer, SFWoA!

Chris B.


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