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Sunday, June 24, 2001 2:37 PM
I knew ahead of time it was Cleveland Clinic Day. This weekend is "starred" in the park calendar as a day where "Six Flags is expecting unusually large crowds"

Since I have a pass, and this was my 11th visit, I didn't care.

Came to the park finding most coasters running to max. capacity Exceptions were Double Loop (which has a broken train --- according to ops) Raging Wolf Bobs (can only run one, unless a trained op is on) and X-Flight (third train is still on the transfer)

Even the monorail ran both trams.

While the entire park, both Wildlife and Wild Rides was a complete bottleneck, I managed to snag a full-queue Batman ride with a 30 minute wait. How?? Three trains with VERY minor stacking. Do you realize how nice it would be if the park treated us weekday visitors with good three train op??

I also snagged two Villain rides, one morning front seat ride in 15 mins, and one mid afternoon backseat ride in about 35 mins. Two trains. It seems the park has begun to maintain this gem again.

Took two Big Dipper laps, again two trains, about 15-20 minute waits each time. The ride can not dispatch with two trains until the other is parked in the unload area, so naturally, stacking is unavoidable. BUT-- the crew was running so they had to hold full, clear trains until the other train returned. Way to Go!!

Superman's ENTIRE queue maze was filled, something I had never seen. Dispatches looked between 3 and 5 minutes after the previous ride ended. Superman is such a super ride, but that crew just takes too long.

X-Flight was running two trains & stations, and the line was all the way out to Mr Hyde's. Definately pass. Probably a good three hour wait.

The only ride in the entire park that was closed today was Silver Bullet, which has been down for a while now.

All the other rides (even the flats, the other two Vekomas, and Mr Hyde's Fall) had full queues. The park was CROWDED, but I got some good rides in.

Although I was only at the park a few hours, and only got 5 rides, I felt the park handled the large crowd EXTREMELY WELL. If only they ran the park like this during the week---a perfect park would be had.
Sunday, June 24, 2001 3:10 PM
Hmmmm. That is interesting! I can't believe that they ran three trains on Batman! When was the last time they did that? Why can't they run two trains on Raging Wolf Bobs? If SFWoA can run that good on the weekend, then there is certainly hope for the place.

Sunday, June 24, 2001 3:51 PM
From what I hear, the trains on RWB are still stopped and parked manually by the ops, and well, I guess they don't want to trust the ops to make sure everything stops and stuff. I wouldn't. That is why Big Dipper rarely ran two when it was manual controls. In nine years, I have seen RWB run two trains one time, a nice quiet Sunday evening in 1999, which was weird, because the ride would have been a walkon with one, and they had two.

As for BKF, a few Friday's ago, when the park was not very busy, they ran three. I think they were preparing for the first summer weekend.

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