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I went to SFStL thinking that there was a chance that I might not be able to ride anything due to the weather. But I took that chance. I neglected this park last year and it was worth a visit this year. The sign at the front of the park predicted a 70% chance of inclement weather.

I purchased my Season Ticket at my local Schnucks (a St. Louis based grocery store chain) the night before for $50.67. It was actually cheaper than my SFDL pass last year! I wanted to get that processed soon so I can go to SFGaM sometime next month.

After a meeting in the morning, I arrived at the park around 3, dodging rain showers the entire way there. When I arrived at the park, a light sprinkle followed, but most rides were operating. Then it suddenly stopped raining. The sun actually came out! There was a concert (The Newboys) that brought out a crowd, but the rides had little waits all day (must be the “rain”). It was well worth the trip.

Here are some of my thoughts about the coasters:

Mr. Freeze (3 laps) - After hearing good things about this coaster, I was excited to ride. And it delivered. Great launch, top hat and that floating feeling on the spike. And you do it backwards. It was weird feeling those LIMS pushing the train up the spike. By 4:00, it was down to one train operation. I will have to give Premier credit with the station configuration- isn’t it cool! My longest wait was 15 minutes, after the concert.

The Boss (3 laps) - This coaster I heard mixed feelings about… and I agree with them. I like the layout, drops, scenery, and design of the ride. Too bad I was spending most of my efforts trying not to get beat up during the ride. I kept thinking why it was so rough. Is it the trains? Bad care? I had the same feelings about Villain at SFWoA. Diving through the trees makes this ride a must. Longest wait - two trains, after the concert.

Screamin’ Eagle (2 laps) - I remember one year the “new thing” at SFStL was the “fixing up” of this coaster with new cars and faster ride. Too bad they haven’t done much since. I enjoy going through the back woods of the park. Not much airtime (Maybe it was where I sat), but a ok ride (a little rough, but it seems minimal compared to Boss). The ride does need a new coat of paint. The ride did run one train at the end of the day. Longest wait: 3-5 minutes (for the first row)

Ninja (2 laps) - Not much to say… Standard looper. The chain from the lift does give a good headchopper after the first loop. Walk-on both times.

River King Mine Train (1 lap) - Fun ride through the woods of the park. Not as good as Whizzer, but it was a fun ride. The tunnel at the end is a good finish for the ride.

Batman: The Ride (2 laps) - The “new to you” Batman. Standard Batman ride, but different. It’s a mirror image. I kept thinking the same thing throughout the ride (standard practice)- “drop, loop, twist, loop, turn, flip…”. The ride was down for a bit earlier in the day, but I got a reride later. Walk-on for the first row. Most people were staying on the ride than getting off.

Xcalibur - This looks like a very cool ride, but I am not a big fan of rides like this. This ride was attracting a crowd most of the day. This ride’s location allows lots of good places to look up and think “Xcalibur looks too intense for me.”

I wanted to get more rides in the 5 hours I was at the park, but I was fighting motion sickness throughout the time I was in the park. Going through Mr. Freeze backwards, riding Batman two times in a row, and getting thrown around The Boss did not help out. I had to leave the park for a bit to get Dramamine and a snack.

The motion sickness allowed me to walk around and enjoy the park. The parks looks a “little different” from the last time I was there in 1995 (I think), when Batman and Tidal Wave was the new thing. I also took the time to take a roll of pictures too. There is not too many pictures of this park on this site. I will try submitting them sometime next week (after I submit my first batch of pictures to Jeff).

I dare anyone to walk from the front of the park, through Mr. Freeze queue, The Boss’s queue, up Screamin’ Eagle queue, and through Batman’s twisting line. That’s a workout. Those people who have been to this park will know what I mean.

This park is well worth a visit. With a few flats, a drop tower, and big airtime filled steel coaster (hopefully a S:ROS clone); this park will become a much brighter star in Six Flags universe. A little loving for the wood coasters they have will be a good start.

On my way home, I picked up Sunday’s St. Louis Post Dispatch. In the travel section it showed a picture of TTD (my next Top Hat ;) ) and several articles about coasters. The online version has the articles can be found here:


Articles include, “Flying High in Ohio”, an article about Doctors and Astronauts defending trill rides, and a list of amusement parks and discounts.

Hope you like my TR. I apologize for the length. If you have any comments or questions, let me know.


I liked your TR, and thanks for enjoying the park.

"Would you like a sports bottle with that? Its only an extra 2.35$ and your soul. For the extra cost you will receive the privilege to fill your cup with soda for only an additional $3.00. And if you act right now we'll throw in a straw (may be broken) an

There is a lot to be said for days where rain or other poor weather is anticipated yet is not delivered. Those are typically low attendance days where you can ride much more often and have a good time assuming that it doesn't thundershower all day long.... Exceptions being July and early August perhaps, because no matter the weather or day of the week midwestern parks tend to be packed.

I visited SFStl for the first time last year enjoyed it quite a bit. I did not take the opportunity to ride Mr. Freeze and will definitely do ride it this year when I return. I rode the Boss about 5 or 6 times last year... it was a blast (my daughters, who were 6 & 7 at the time, enjoyed the Boss very much also). Interestingly I don't remember the Boss being as harsh a ride as everyone claims it to be. I did lose my cell phone on the ride though, which has never managed to find its way out of my pockets on any other coaster I have ridden. I called the # for my wireless from my wife's wireless, hoping that someone would respond and I could locate my phone, but no such luck. Fortunately it was with an attendant, but they are not allowed to answer phones that they may have turned it to them.

Jes didn't mention if he rode Scooby Doo's Ghostblaster.... that was the hottest ride at SFStl last year..... The wait was terrible. I passed on it the first day and rode it first thing on the second day of my trip with minimal wait... again the kids really enjoyed this ride too.

I enjoyed reading your trip report Jes. As you can see I tend to be long winded too..... more so than you!

Hardrider- I realized that I missed Scooby Doo's Ghostblaster when I was walking out of the park. It was just after 8 (it was just closed) and looked over and saw the ride and said "Doh!".

I guess I will have to make another trip to ride the extremly popluar ride from last year (and to enjoy the park again). Quote me on this... "Next time I am at SFStL later this year, I will ride Scooby Doo's Ghostrider FIRST". Maybe the weather will be better, my motion sickness will stay away, and I will have another good day.

I will probably ride Scooby Doo's Ghostrider first at PKI during BeastBuzz (still trying to work that out). I won't miss this ride this year :).

I do have have one question about The Boss: Is there a good (or better) place to sit on the ride? All of my rides were front-ish and I want to give this coaster another chance.


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