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I made my second visit to Six Flags St. Louis yesterday. I had gone over a year ago, and was ready for a refresher. It is my new home park for the school year, as I started school out here in Missouri in August. One of my friends in the dorm had a pass, and I am an employee, so we decided to take and afternoon/evening trip to ride some coasters.

We arrived there about 4:30 or so, and immediately went to Batman. There was virtually no line, but we still had to walk around the winding queue that takes like 10 minutes without anybody in it. We got to the station and there were 4 people waiting for the front, and a couple at like two other gates. My friend and I decided to wait for the front, since there was no hurry. The people behind us followed suit, waiting for the front. Pretty soon there were like 12-16 people waiting for the front and all the other gates were open. One of the ride ops stood up on the rails and very sternly told the guest that they had to fill in all the seats. Everybody played dumb and didn't do it. He used a very mean tone, which I thought wasn't necessary. It took some time, but he eventually got everyone to fill up the gates. My friend and I still got the front though, which we were very happy about. We got on and started up the lift. It was sprinkling a little bit as we started up. We dropped in and shear bliss set in. The rain hitting my face, the speed, the cool crisp breeze, and the constant G's holding me in my seat made it an awesome ride. Great start to the night.

Next was Ninja. No line again and we got right into the second seat. I was kind of dissapointed that the ride attendent was checking the pedals with her feet, and showing that she really didn't care. Oh well, it was still a great ride. I forgot about the part where you almost hit the chain as you go back under the lift. That was cool. All in all, a good ride.

We headed over to Screaming Eagle, but there was a really long wait, and I think they were kind of waiting for it to stop raining. We decided to head over to Excalibur.

We got to Excalibur and got in line. Once in line, they let just about everybody in line on the ride except for six people. I could see 8 seats in the 5 cars that faced us. Oh well, what is one ride we thought. While we were in line, a guy in his wheel chair went up the queue line, only to be turned away by the turnstile. The ride ops told him to go around to the exit, which took a while because he had to fight all the other people. He got to the exit and his friend helped him out of his chair into a seat. I was real dissappointed that the park didn't direct him to get an exit pass. They should let all their handicapped guests know that they can go up the exit, instead of holding up the line for everyone else. It was a fairly quick ride, but it took a while to get that same guest out. We waited about 10 min for one ride. We got on and had a car to ourselves. The wheel started turning and our view of the sky was upon us. We were looking strait up into it. We started to go upside down. That was an awesome feeling looking straight down into the pit at the bottom. Overall, a good ride, but nothing special. Kind of tame. It really reminded me of an enterprise, at least the feeling of it. No adrenaline rush, but a bit quezy. We decided to head for the Boss anyway.

We got to the Boss and walked all the way up to the bridge that goes over the station. Like a 10 minute wait. We got third row, and even some people asked us to go ahead of them so they could all ride together. The trains were pretty cool looking, and I liked the daunting look of the dark wood track on an overcast day. It was still raining a little, but that was no problem. This was my first ride on the Boss, and didn't know what to expect. I got up the first lift and made that first turn. I looked down that first drop and was excited to see that we were going through the stucture. I love these type of coasters that hide their next element from you by dropping through other elements of the track. I got to the bottom of the hill and notice that instead of shooting back up, the track was straight. I looked to the end of the track, and noticed that it dropped off again. "Oh my God!" I thought. I wasn't ready for it. After that first section, I was being tossed around a little in my seat. It kind of hurt my legs. Then we got passed the second lift and started the winding sections. This really threw me around and obliterated my legs. Not fun for them! I still enjoyed the last section, and thought it overall was an amazing woody, but I think they could do something about the restraints. Oh well, I'll be back for that one again!

Then we went to Mr. Freeze, which I absolutely love. I love that first acceleration out of the tunnel, especially when it is dark out and you can't see the track going up into the sky. The over banked turn is another very exclusive element that make the ride what it is. And then, being accelerated down by the magnets at the top is a cool feeling. It was worth the 30 minute wait, as they only had one train going. Another good ride on Freeze.

We then ate, saw a halloween show, and headed back to Screaming Eagle to see how the line was. It was only about a 15 minute wait, so we decided it was good. I got in and put my lap bar down, but not all the way so I could get that full feeling of air time. There was like an inch clearance or so between my legs and the bar. It was awesome being in the back when there are no lights. I love the feeling of not knowing what is coming next, and being launched out of your seat. Amazing. Probably the best ride all night. Just loved the air time, and an all-around great out and back woody. Probably the greatest feeling ride in the park.

We went back to Batman for one last ride. This time, we got the middle, which was fun because it was pitch black out now. The greatest part about Batman at night is that there are no lights to illuminate the track, so you don't know what is coming if you are in the middle of the train. What an awesome ride! Better the second time around, but I think the front would have been best if ridden at night. We walked out about 9:15 and headed back to campus.

It was an overall good trip. I was only unimpressed with those few ride ops. All the others seemed friendly and caring. It was a good night, and the Halloween decor really added to the atmosphere. I will be back, hopefully before it closes for the year. A good way to spend a Saturday evening.

"Keep all arms and legs, and anything else you would like to come back with, inside the ride at all times."
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