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Friday, July 6, 2001 3:17 PM
Day 3, and 21 coasters have been ridden. If I can ride 11 today, I'll hit my 100th coaster, but that proved impossible as neither SFStl or WoF permitted you to ride their junior coaster.

Six Flags Saint Louis! What a beuatiful park, easily the prettiest SF park I've been to. The drive up is spectacular, as all the coasters are on display alongside the large hill which the park is situated on. Lot's of shade, some great looking water rides, and great vistas. I was on a very tight schedule at this park, as I was to ride the 6 major coasters in 3 hours. I was hoping for short lines, and for the most part, I lucked out.

Mr. Freeze - (front of second last car)

I really dig these premier rides launched coasters, and I don't find them to be as rough as some do. This one had a better spike than Batman & Robin: The Chiller, but I'd imagine Batman would win when Robin raced him. LOVE that top-hat!

The Boss - (Very Back)

Once again, an incredible layout ruined by horrible trains. The double drop is probably my favorite element on any wooden coaster, especially the way it levels out on the first half. The fast slide into the structure is fantastic, and the second dip comes unexpected, providing a little jolt those getting comfortable. Then, as soon as this thing starts turning, the trains show their weaknesses. Even with the widened lap bars, I still find Gerstlauer trains are very uncomfortable when negotiating tight turns, which is what the Boss is all about. Arrg! Wish I could've ridden this when it operated for a day with the Screamin' Eagle PTCs...

Speaking of Screamin' Eagle, - (Very Back)

I honestly enjoyed this more than the Boss, SOLELY because of the PTC's. This is a great woodie as well. The 3rd drop is the largest as it drops into one of the park's ravines. Much longer than I anticipated, and lot's of airtime hills.

Ninja - (Front of back car)

I don't know what my problem is, I love these things. Very similar in feel to an Arrow looper, which I can't seem to have bad rides on. This Vekoma looper has the best headchopper I've ever seen. The half-loop half-corkscrew 'sidewinder' after the first loop cuts under the lift, FRIGHTENINGLY close to the chain return! Since the inversion curls around it, the black line catches you off gaurd and seems to get within inches of the horsecollar!

Batman: The Ride (Very Front)

While in line, the ride broke down, causing me to forget this was a mirror. Like the trench-like wells in the ground! Much smoother than SFGAdv's, but not as good as SFMM's, which I can't imagine why there'd be a difference. Maybe it's the theming..

River King Mine Train (Very Front)

This was a Stand-Up at one time, opening the same year as PKI's King Cobra! What a weird idea, as the ride has three short lifts and not thrilling sections. Liked the drop into the tunnel, although it was very hot.

Off to World's of Fun!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2001 2:39 PM
River King Mine Ride was a standup? Why? Sorry for such a late reply! :) Good report, I agree that Screamin' Eagle is slightly better than the boss. The boss is big, massive, fun, and yet painful at the same time. Screamin' Eagle is rough yet fun. Both good rides, but I have to give the tip to SE. Ninja was fun too.

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