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Wednesday, June 5, 2002 10:47 AM

I made the nice long 4 hour trek to SFSTL to check out Mr. Freeze with lapbars and to pick up my coupon booklet from my season passes. After a late start getting all my friends together we got to the park around 11 to find that the park seemed to have a lot of cars in it for a Tuesday. Upon entering though we found out most people had gone to the waterpark and most of the coasters were walk ons. Good for us bad for the people in the water park.

First ride Mr. Freeze. Wow this coaster is awesome now with lapbars. I rode in the last car. Looking backwards from the vertical spike adds to the ride and the reverse top hat is one of the best coaster sensations around. The wait was about 10 minutes because of one train op. I heard they are having problems with the first train. Is that true?

Next up the Boss. I got 2 rough and tumble rides on the Boss with only 2 train waits. This coaster is somewhat rough but in a good wooden coaster way. Its a great ride and I love the first drop with the double dip. Later in the day I would get one more ride on it but had to wait 30 minutes because someone puked and they had to clean it up and put sand bags in the train for it to complete one circuit. Do they always have to use sandbags when its empty? I know they probably have to do it in the morning but this was like around 3. I would have thought it had warmed up by then.

I rode the Screaming Eagle after that. It had about a 15-20 minute wait because of one train op. This coaster is decent but it should have the potential to produce a lot more airtime. Also I noticed the massive amounts of anti-rollbacks they have on the eagle. Have they always had some many? I think I counted 5 different places.

I then hopped on River King Mine Ride and Ninja which were walkons.

After that I made the mile long walk through the Batman queue to find it to be a walk on. I had a great intense ride on my very first rollercoaster. When we were walking down the exit, I noticed they had a security guard watching everyone so that no one would try to go into the restricted area. I wonder if this has anything to do with the SFOG accident? It might have been just a coincidence too.

We then hit a few water rides and left. I saw Scooby Doo but the wait was 45 minutes and my friends didn't want to wait that long.

I had a great day at the park and got some great rides on the Boss and Mr. Freeze. I hope though SFSTL will get a new coaster or somthing next year because the park just seems to be lacking in their ride line up.

Favorite Wood: Viper at SFGAM,Shivering Timbers
Favorie Steel: Magnum and Raging Bull

Wednesday, June 5, 2002 11:51 AM
SFST is lacking in ride line up. I would like to see a Hyper or a floorless coaster there. Batman a walk on? Whoa must have not been crowded. Batman is awesome and so is Mr. Freeze, i cant wait to ride it w/ the lapbars. I liked Boss alot. Those 4 helixes were kool. I dont like the restraints though. Screaming Eagle is my classic fave. Ninja is a big pile of headache. Theres this cable and when u goin through the ride it almost cutts ur head off.lol

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